Sunday, 23 August 2015

Weymouth Carnival 2015

The weather was terrible,everyone walking around was wet and grumbling....however the Weymouth community volunteers and everyone involved in the carnival was happy and welcoming as always despite the was lovely walking around the stalls being greeted with smiles,after the stalls we went back home to dry off and warm up before coming back out for the carnival,the carnival was fantastic as did seem to be shorter though i'm not sure if it just went faster due to the weather or some floats couldn't make it or if the budget was less due to cuts ect after all lots of hard work went into making sure the carnival did indeed go forward this year...which I'm glad of as summer in Weymouth just wouldn't be the same without the carnival.Fingers crossed we get better weather for next year and clear sky's too so we can watch the red arrows and see the fireworks as sadly this year it was really foggy at the time they started......these minor things aside though...a great day had by all!

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my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's