Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Halloween Crafting Fun

It's time to get those skeletons out of the closet,let loose the bats and spiders and get down and get all crafty with the kids....It's time for HALLOWEEN!

One of the best and most fun times of the year!

We have had lots of busy days getting crafting in preparation for Halloween,Let's take a look at what we have been up to.....

Scratch art haunted houses RRP £2.95 for a pack of 8
This was something both Alisha and Aaron enjoyed doing,Alisha loved decorating her witch's house with her evil cat and spooky windows,she keeps asking me to buy more of these....

 Halloween mosaic wand kits RRP £3.96 for a pack of 4

we really enjoyed this one though my daughter refused to colour coordinate them she wanted it done her way!

Day of the dead foam stickers RRP £2.99 for a pack of 105 as seen featured on the top hat craft kits RRP £2.70 for a pack of 3.

This was Alisha's best one to do even though we had to use sellotape to hold pieces together I don't think the cheap glue we brought was very good!
She loved decorating it as did her brother Ethan aged 8.

Spider weaving placemat kit RRP £4.48 for a pack of 4
We really struggled with this one! hehe It is easy but Alisha needed help and I couldn't work out how to do the ribbon patterns...we got their in the end after daddy took over and got it done.....end result...they look awesome

Bat handprint decoration kits, RRP £3.49 for a 4 pack
This was my personal favorite,really easy to figure out and do and they are so darn cute,Alisha need a bit of help knitting but otherwise did them herself.

Day of the dead keyring and bag dangler sets RRP £3.75 for a 3 pack.
fun,bright,easy to do Alisha had lots of fun rearranging the faces!
Aaron as pictured took a big liking to this particular one.

Again a massive thank you to Baker Ross for sending us lots of crafts to keep the kids entertained during the festive season,we have all had a blast making and creating.

Don't forget to check out Baker Ross for all of your Halloween craft needs!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn crafts with Baker Ross

Looking for something to do with this kids this Autumn for fun or to pass those rainy days? Then look no further than Baker Ross, We received lots of crafts to get us started and in this post we are focusing on Autumn Crafts.

We still need to do our porcelain plates as mummy(me) forgot to buy paint however we have had lots of fun making pom pom hedgehogs- i'm afraid these turned out wrong as Alisha insisted she do them herself,really struggled and got the wool all tangled so how it turned out was after us trying and failing to save it! still very cute though,Alisha has now placed these in her bedroom!
among the many items we also had fun doing the stained effect monkey decorations- Alisha really enjoyed doing these she wouldn't let us add the paper for the stained effect though-what can I say? is after all Alisha's masterpiece....out of all of the crafts though our personal favorite was the hedgehog cushion sewing kits,really for all of the kids-myself included to do I also love how it helps my Autistic 8 year old as he has poor hand control and these are the kind of things he does in occupational therapy.

Go check out Baker Ross now for 100's of crafts to choose from,I promise you there will be something even for the fussiest of children!

Friday, 18 September 2015

getting Rugby ready with help from Baker Ross crafts.

Today we celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup which will continue right through until 31st October. I must say we are not big sporting fans however we do love to craft and was really delighted when Baker Ross sent us a big bundle of crafting delights to keep the munchkins entertained during the seasons,in this post we are as you can probable tell from the introduction talking about Rugby.

We received  a pack of 8 wooden trophy magnets RRP £2.79 and a 120 pack of Rugby foam stickers RRP £2.99

The kiddiwinks and Alisha in particular have enjoyed getting stuck in painting and decorating the trophy's and also putting together a sticker-tastic picture all in support of Rugby....England in particular of course! here Alisha is hard at work all by herself with a little help from her brother with the writing but otherwise no one got a look in or a say in regards to design ideas....shes absolutely 5 going on 15!!

Celebrating the Rugby World Cup? why not check out Baker Days Website and grab some Rugby crafts for your munchkins that way then can get mucky while you watch the action with your feet up! 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Blippo, Kawaii subscription box.They specialize in everything Kawaii...I have just one question how much uber cuteness can you cope with?

On Blippo you can find a wide range of very nicely priced products including:
  • candy & snacks
  • magazines
  • mobile accessories
  • stationary
  • bags & purses
  • other products

You can choose to get either a 1,3,6 or 12 month subscription plan with prices starting at just $17.30 a month. Each month you will receive a box filled with 10-12 handpicked Japanese and Korean Kawaii products!! and on top of all the awesome products you can either buy or subscribe and get a mixture of products you also get free shipping even to the UK.

I was really excited to be given the opportunity to review a Blippo box I not only love testing out new subscription boxes I also love Japanese products and food,I had to wait for a while to receive my box but it was certainly worth the wait. we received in our box: my melody pink socks,glow in the dark crown headband,pegasus ball pen,Alpaca pencil case and a Kracie Neruneru bubble jelly DIY candy set.

Here is  some images of the products and what we thought of each one.

my melody socks- LOVE these,so cute they remind me of Hello Kitty styled socks,they also happen to fit my 5 year old's feet perfectly,they are made of super stretchy material so can easily fit larger feet.

glow in the dark crown headband,my daughter loves this headband she especially loves the glow in the dark feature,i have spotted her several times wearing it in bed just so she can see it glow.

Alpaca pencil case and pegasus ball pen
very sweet,perfect for Alisha as she has just moved up into year one so will now be receiving homework, so these two are ideal.
Kracie Neruneru bubble jelly DIY candy,once you find out how to make it,its easy our only downfall was having to try to translate the writing.but it was a very yummy treat.

We love Blippo how about you? what are your thoughts?

Imune Nurture Review

Keeping children healthy,it's never easy you constantly get told one minute this is good for you,then then next minute someone is saying how bad it is. Dietitian's offer advice,School menu's have totally changed,even packed lunches that now can get inspected and food confiscated,you never truly know what to do for the best and that is why for the last year I have decided not to pay attention to most of it,we meal plan which saves us money,We know of the benefits of fruit and vegetables and always cook from scratch at least 3 meals a week,I know it's not every day but every day for us just isn't practical when we have 2 children with special needs who each have their own issues with food.
Anyway.....all this aside we do like to do our part in introducing new and healthy food and drink to our children...and that's where Imune Nuture comes in.

Imune Nurture

Designed by Derek and Lucie Sanders,they themselves have 3 young children,Nuture was the result of a long futile search for tasty,healthy and simple ways to naturally strengthen their children's immunity against germs and infections. 

Nuture is a delicious,all-natural children's drink designed with little ones health in mind.
Containing vitamins and minerals proven to support healthy immunity and even better there is no added sugar,its half juice,half water. it contains the optimum daily amount of vitamins for 1-6 year olds,including zinc,B vitamins and beta-glucans.

Our Thoughts:

Both Alisha and Aaron loved Nuture,they tried both flavors,they preferred the Strawberry and Cherry one however both went down well. I love how it contains extra vitamins as with Aaron in particular due to his special needs he hardly ever eats,certainly not the right amount or the kind of stuff we would like him to have so knowing he was getting it through Nuture was a really satisfying thought.

Perfect for on the go,in lunch boxes or just as a treat for at home,we really want to get our hands on some more,why don't you go and give them a try yourself too?

You can purchase them from Tesco Extra and online,H&B stores and online,Ocado and all easyjet flights.

You can get more information on nurturing your children's natural immunity over at
On Facebook and on Twitter

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Weldmar Hospicecare Trust Fireworks display 2015

A  few pictures from the fantastic night and brilliant firework display!

Fish and chips morning with A-stars

yesterday we met with our A-stars group(Aspergers/Autism/related group),we meet every week,this week was  fish and chips morning which we all loved.
Here are a few piccy's from our day.

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's