Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fun Kids Radio Review

Happy content kids is music to my ears,and talking of music I love to listen to it on a daily basis,whether its on my phone,my ipod,my laptop,on Youtube or on the Radio so I was really excited to hear about Fun Kids Radio,a station designed for children and parent's alike, We have children ranging in ages from 4-15 so it is very hard to listen to just one station that caters for us,Luckily we are all very much into our pop songs and I'm happy to say that Fun Kids Radio satisfied all of our needs!

Songs ranging from Taylor Swift,Bruno Mars,Olly Murs,even kids nursery rhyme type songs.
Also fun news updates which my kids love listening to.

You can listen to Fun Kids via your radio,phone,smart tv,via an iPad app you can even download a podcast.

You can sign up to the Fun Kids Radio like I have and get weekly updates about Fun Kids,competitions,special offers ect.

You can watch video's such as my daughters favorite: watch the vamps show their Zayn love. and my youngest children love the animals video's their favorite being watch these animals make cute sounds!  you can even watch some game clips...I have spent hours watching the video's alone.

Another favorite area of my kids is the games section the memory games in particular are a firm favorite. There is so much to check out,And if you are stuck for ideas on where to go in summer check out their Events page!

We have listened daily and I'm listening to it again now as I write this!
All families and big kids with a light heart must give this station a listen!

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  1. This sounds ideal for kids and also mums who secretly love a bit of one direction themselves ;) I think as a girl growing up this would of been ideal as it plays all of the tunes I can image I would have loved!

  2. This is perfect for when i baby sit my niece! She always wants to put music on but my laptop is full of The Beatles and The Foo Fighters, so she's not a big fan :P

  3. oh wow this sounds like so much fun and perfect way to keep them entertained for a little bit this summer holidays

    Laura x


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