Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Taffy Mail Subscription Box, Blog Review

Taffy Mail UK....The only American sweet subscription box-that you can get every month!

There are 3 options to choose from each price is per month:

  1. Lite-£7.49,  is the Taster sized box giving you  4-5 American sweets.
  2. Classic-£14.99, The original sized box giving you 1-12 American sweets and one can of American soda.
  3. Extra-£24.99,the biggest box-up to 20 American sweets and at least one can of American Soda + at least one premium item.

Check out my Youtube Taffy Mail Unboxing Video!

What we received:

  1. Sky bar
  2. Charleston chew
  3. Hershey
  4. Twizzlers
  5. Mentos
  6. Warhead 
  7. Angry Birds popping candy

Our Thoughts:

  • We started with the popping candy to which literally exploded in our mouths,our 5 year old wasn't too keen after hearing the noise it made! loved the Grape flavor.
  • Next up the Sky bar, flavors: Caramel-Peanut-Vanilla or Fudge,this was lovely and creamy would of been nicer i feel if chilled a bit.
  • Charleston chew,lovely and very fruity Strawberry flavor nougat bar...found it to not only be very tasty but also very chewy.
  • Hershey bar,I have never tried a Hershey bar but it's something I have always wanted to try-It tasted like an Aero to be honest only with Belgium chocolate....very nice!
  • Twizzlers- They look like they will taste like Strawberry laces but in fact they don't...I cant quite put my finger on what they remind me of,they do have a nice touch of Strawberry flavor.
  • Mentos- I love mentos,I have never tried the fruity flavored ones though we all found them to be really nice,sweet and very juicy...more please!
  • Warhead hard sour sweets- Let these till last and OMG they literally blew our heads off! how on earth can anyone actually manage to eat this sweet,I wish I had filmed our reactions! I was literally slapping myself in the face trying to cope with it....I managed a minute before I had to spit it out......Sour much! not something I would buy however perfect for party's or when out drinking with friends as a fun Dare....it is most definitely fun if unbearable.

Taffy Mail would make a perfect gift for any sweet loving friend or family member or just a treat for yourself,Highly recommended I would love to try the Extra box as would love to sample a premium item and try a can of American soda.

Have you tried Taffy Mail before? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Fab! I tried Taffy Mail before and thought the selection was great for the price.

  2. I haven't heard if this before but it sounds really good. Haven't tried many american sweets before as they are so expensive here but this doesn't seem expensive at all.

  3. Deffo not worth the money Try B&Ms you could of got all that for about £3


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