Sunday, 25 September 2011

mam review

mam review

i was sent some fantastic products to review by the lovely people over at mam.
They sent me the mam perfect,bite and brush and the self sterilizing anti colic bottle.
My first impressions was how much i loved the bright bold colours and designs.
And with in mind i set off with reviewing them on my 4 month old son.

First up the mam bite and brush.the teether with very soft bristles.
This is suitable from 3 months and is BPA free.
rrp:  £5.10

I loved how soft this was to the touch,my son took to it right away was a bit put out when i first put it in his mouth but 1 he bit down onto it there was no stopping him biting away!!.
My son currently has no teeth but is teething like mad and so i am on the lookout for teething products that actually work.And ive got to say i was very impressed with this.It was small enough for my son to grab and hold and because of the design it was easy to apply teething gel  and unlike when applied by the finger this stays on the product and therefore giving him more relief.

The mam perfect dummy.
suitable from 0+
designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth.
rrp: £5.50

I truly love this dummy more than any other in the mam range.and not just because of the style but the fact its alot thinner too as a result of this he never has an issue taking it like some other bigger ones.its also alot softer which i believe he seems to prefer.This product comes in a ready self sterilized box which i washed as well as the dummy in hot soapy water before 1st use.
As for sterilizing that was simple you just:
wash soother and box in warm soapy water,rinse with clear.fill the sterilizing box to 25ml of water.firmly attach the holder clip to the dummy and then place it dummy facing downwards into the box.close the box and heat in the microwave.....  750-1,000 watts for 3 minutes.wait at least 5 mins before removing box,empty        
then leave dummy to dry in the box.
aaron loves his mam perfect dummy!!.

The mam anti-colic self sterilising bottle.130 ml rrp £ 4.75
suitable from birth,wash before 1st use.

this is a fantastic bottle ive never used a am one before but intend to buy more now as my son took to them has a small teat with 2 flatter son struggles with most as the teat is too large and he either plays with his milk or seems to choke on it,with this bottle i experianced neither of these problems..i love the green neutral colour and the cute design.its the perfect size for newborn babies.
As for sterilizing its a simple 4 steps....  1. clean each individual bottle part.
                                                           2. measure 20ml of cool water using bottle lid,and pour into bottle base with the valve.
                                                           3. place the screw ring with teat in the bottle base with bottle body on top then the bottle lid.
                                                           4. place into microwave.
put on ull power(depending on wattage) for 3 minutes.

this bottle is great value for money i would buy it for sure!!.

For more info on their products why not go give them a visit over at mam

Saturday, 17 September 2011

my autistic son

My son ethan was born on 20th july 2007 weighing a healthy 7lb 6oz at frimley park hospital.
All the initial signs were good you would never be able to tell anything was wrong by just lookng at him.he did however have problems latching on to breastfeed(not uncommon in newborns...however linking to other symptoms this is a sign of being on the spectrum.
He started trying to sit about 7 months and seemed to be doing really well as you can see here....
Unfortunately he didn't improve if anything he seemed to forget how to after 2 weeks and could not sit without support  until he was about 11 1/2 months.
He said his 1st words at 9 and 9 1/2 months old of mum and 12 months said bye,hi and daisy(from in the night garden).
again like his sitting  by about 19 months he was doing well then didn't progress,at 3 he said about 50 single words and 2 two word sentences which most of was unrecognizable.
He is now 4 and currently just started reception at school and has been put forward for speech therapy(at school) he saw a speech therapist before now but only on about 5 occasions.
Now as for his crawling ect....well he commando crawled by just using his arms and not bothering with his legs at all!!....we found out this was not helped by him having laxy ligaments and had to buy shoes from clarks to ensure he had a good fit and good support.
After a few months he then started to walk along furniture and at about 19 months started to walk,a little delayed but not by much.throughout all of these development delays when i mentioned to health visitors ect i would just get told hes a lazy boy he will do it when hes good and ready.
Now another thing was his constant dribbling(and not caused just by teething)he done this till hes was 3 and a few months old and he would literally soak his clothes  i would have to change his tops at least 3 times a day!.
He also has a habit of shoving his hands in his move and when in a temper he would scream and ram them as far as he could into his mouth until he chokes then cry's and starts over again.
he is constantly on the go especially at home he will run up and down the garden over and over again and round and round the washing line.
he used to walk a bit on tip toes and flap arms,not very good eye contact he does occasionally but normally looks past you away or through you.hes dry by day but only since a few months ago and still wears pull ups at night due to accidents on a daily basis.
and apart from cereal and beans ect he eats everything with his hands so always on the lookout  for products to review to entice him to eat properly.

Now a basic day with ethan:

6 am:   he wakes up and screams really high pitched constant until you open the door to get him out(if you say come on out or come here ethan he will not listen you have to get him).then its straight downstairs no delays or his 1st paddy will happen hes usually saying didit over and over(his word for hungry)whilst holding his stomach.he sits at table with his cereal and bowl all ready or he would start again.normally he will throw himself on floor 4 no reason and say no didit no didit,but if you say ok in a bit then he will scream and say didit didit,this time he will get up help pour out and if im lucky eat it.this behaviour carries on throughout the day with extra paddys screaming,hitting and throwing. he goes to bed at 5.30 as he takes 2-3 hours before going to sleep and will only wake at 6 next day either way.

Now he was diagnosed back in june 2011 just before moving into our new house and since then has gotten alot worse behaviour wise most likely his issues linked with,new home,new baby,starting school and being at home 4 summer hols(with such bad weather couldnt go anywhere).
We are currently trying to get a statement started at school to help get him a teacher in to offer him 1 on 1 help.

So as you can tell there is alot of difficulties we are going through atm and more to come but at the end of the day he is ethan,our son,the boy we love.and  even he with his issues does seem to enjoy life on his good days,hes obsessed with animals and bugs,loves anything yellow,building with bricks and lego and is mad on cars,trains,planes ect.
All we ask is for people not to instantly judge him.
and ty 4 taking the time to read.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

coronation street,sent to review by babyworld

coronation street,the mystery of the missing hotpot recipe.

I was sent the corrie game free to review by Babyworld

Product details and requirements:

Developer:  Avenquest software
Genre: adventure.

system  requirements:

windows xp/vista and windows 7 compatible.pentium lll 1 ghz or better.1 gb ram minimum.(2 gb recommended),32 bit colour.1024 x 768 screen resolution,open gl 2.0 minimum,direct x compatible sound card.directx version 9.0  .

Myself and my 2 daughters aged 10 and 12 helped me to do this review weve currently been playing for 4 days.

There was good and bad points i found to this game im afraid to say.
The good:
i love the little mini storylines with the quirky speeches...very much like the show(which im a big fan of).
good for a few hours of also looks like they have really tried hard to use shots as close to the real thing as possible.

The bad points: some of the objects were very hard to find for me let alone my 10 and 12 year old.the game also does not last very long.
i found after a few hours it also became a bit tedious to be honest and had to force myself to finish it.
i also had to use the hint button far too much 4 my liking or i would not of finished some levels :(.


cheap enough to buy online between  £4 and £5 pounds and for this amount it really is not too bad.good to pass a few hours.
i personally would not recommend this game unless some1s mad on find the objects type games and wants 1 at a low price.

overall i would rate this a 6/10

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Beauty and the bib review

beautyandthebib review.

beauty and the bib  have cute and stylish products from bibs to hats,clothing and slippers and fantastic gift sets.
so whether you want a few cute bits and pieces or a spectacular baby gift then look no further.

I got sent sent a fabulous bib and romper suit to review by the wonderful people people at beauty and the is what i thought:

My products arrived in a lovely organza bag tied with ribbon
I received a stunning  turquoise with green trim and seeds strawberry

And the cream banana romper.

The strawberry bib is made from a double layer  of cotton terry toweling and interlining. and a velcro tab at the back.
it retails for £8.00
i loved the design and quality,it was soo thick and soft was a perfect fit for my 4 month old kept him dry and not only great for giving bottles and absorbing any milk spilt or brought up from his reflux it will also be fantastic for when he starts eating solids as will keep him covered as it is soo big(not to the extreme)but enough to cover his outfits while still looking super cute n cool.
It also fares really well after washing time and time again and stays lovely and soft.

p.s u can now even get your babys name embroidered on the bibs....not only a lovely idea but perfect if buying a gift x.

The cream banana romper suit is a traditional style with a collarit also happens to be a limited is cream in colour with a sweet banana applique on the front and poppers for ease of comfort and dressing.
it retails at £12.00

i received mine in size 18-24 months.and ive got to say it fit my daughter who is 22 months perfectly it was adorable and washed very well in the wash also has retained its colour where some others can fade after several washes.
my daughter loved wearing this she found it soo comfy and with it being loose didn't feel restricted whilst playing in the slightest.
I really love my bits by beauty and the bib  and would deffo recommend to friends as they are fab!!.
if you like my review then plz check them out over at  beauty and the bib
im sure you will find something you love just as much too. :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

bubble and balm review

Bubble and balm review.

I received some products to review from the fab bubble and balmpeople.
The products were a new range of  luxery items.i received:
the luxury anti-bacterial handwash,this is glycerine-enriched with  an essential oil anti-bacterial formulation which is effective against mrsa,e coli and any other nasties.
it comes in a stylish silver pump bottle, £4.99 for 200ml.

I also received the citrus soap in a tin,this is a pure glycerine soap with a blend of essential oils including lemon,mandarin and grapefruit.again comes in a stlish silver tin which also doubles as a great waterproof soap dish..
it again is £4.99 for a 85g bar.

(A little fact 4 u all)All of their products carry the fairtrade mark,being the 1st 100% fairtrade bodycare company in the uk.

Now to what we as a family thought:

My 1st initial reaction was this looks so luxurious a real treat in a pump/tin.normally i just buy the cheap brand soaps in the paper wrappers which  tend to dry your hands out after frequent use.
with these even after limitless uses from 6 members of my family  our hands felt soft and  really clean with no sticky residue feeling being left.
my 4 year old loves how to handwash went all foamy in his hands.and i just cant get enough of the soap for the smell alone if nothing else its just soo gorgous and fruity!.
we have been using the products for about a week now and their is still loads left even with such a big family using it.

for me also i love the fact they are made from recycled packaging.
i will buy some more of these from waitrose as its near us(only as a treat mind) but 1 a month for it to last 2 weeks in my opinion is worth every penny.this get a thumbs up from us.

you can find out more and to buy or other places to buy these lovely products at bubble and balm

Thursday, 1 September 2011

funkygiraffe bibs review

 funky giraffe bibs review.

I  got sent 3 dribble bibs to review by the lovely people at funky giraffe bibs.
Funky giraffe are a small ethical company who design and sell fantastic bibs and baby products.
they were beautifully packaged in a red shiny box and layered by fab bright yellow tissue paper.

I received the funky pink freaky,small white jolly rogers on black and the white spots on red bibs.
Their bibs are all made from 100% cotton fronts with a fleece backing,ive got to say these have got to be the best dribble bibs ive used as of yet,normally they are really absorbent  but very uncomfortable and stiff or really soft but cant hold much liquid/moisture,where these are both comfortably soft for sensitive skin and yet very absorbant.   you have 2 poppers at the back to give  a perfect fit to both very small babys and toddlers.i used these bibs on both my 14 week old who is dribbling alot as hes started teething and also my 22 month old daughter who again is still teething.

We used these bibs everywhere even to macdonalds!,and even after several washes only a quick 10% wash they came out good as new and still very soft to the touch.
All in all i love these bibs so much so ive seen a bundle of them on ebay i intend to buy.
to view more details or to buy go to: funky giraffe bibs

Disclosure: i was not paid to do this review only to keep the product as a thank you for the time put into my review,all thoughts and opinions are my own.

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's