Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter fun

Its easter i hope u have had tons of fun i know we have :)

Our easter recap in pictures partb one :)

Ethans homemade easter card :)

Trip to Vue cinema to see rise of the guardians 3d...we both loved it :)

Hope u all had a great Easter :)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Eragon Review

Eragon by Paolini

one boy

one dragon

a world of adventure

I was sent Eragon as a gift from my awesome friend jay..Thank you are my thoughts:

Eragon is the 1st book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini,who began writing at the age of 15.

Ok i will start by saying im a romance kinda book girl through in through gimmie anything lovey or comical any day of the week be it a good mills n boon or bridget jones diary....

The story which inspiration wise seems to be rooted in J.R.R. Tolien's famously popular Lord of the Rings trilogy which takes readers back to a time and land long forgotten,filled with magic,mystery,elves,warriors.shades and dragons.

He thinks its a polished blue stone however he wont think so for long as ready or not he is about to have his destiny thrust upon him.

I totally loved this book full of dragons and dragon riders,elves dwarfs,and magic and adventure in abundance! i loved the characters and the thought put into each one my fave by far being Saphira now i loved the film version of Eragon however it pains me to say it but i will..... this totally wipes the floor of the film! it is just so in depth  also it has much more as far as characters go such as the tension between Eragon and Arya.... bloody brilliant...Awesome read... i Certainly recommend reading if you haven't already,and as for me im going to be looking into getting some more adventure books to mix in with my rom,com collection.



National Cleavage day

National Cleavage day 30th march

come on ladies get those bobbies out in support of a good cause ;)

National Cleavage day

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nerdoh Review and Competition

                Movie Tees worth screaming about.

I recently reviewed the awesome Nerdoh Clothing website telling you all about the fantastic and unique Tees and other fab items they sell. here is my full Nerdoh Clothing review.

Nerdoh have since sent me a fab Tee to review,
 i was sent the Zombie of Oz-lady fit Tee in size large(im a 12),...  Wizard of Oz and zombie inspired Tee. RRP: £19.00

my first impressions:

It came in a plastic postage bag,inside was a clear bag which held the Tee. both were free from damage,item arrived 2 days after being informed of it being sent-very fast arrival.

Now i  am a massive zombie fan and i also happen to love the Wizard of Oz film so for me this was absolutely brilliant i love the design and love how the top is black yet the bold yellow writing style and  especially the Classic sparkly  red shoes stand out boldly from the rest of the design.

                        Close up of the design

Now im a size 12 and normally would buy a medium how i did say that if there tops come up small then obviously would need bigger,i was sent a large and it fit me perfectly! no pinching under arms, it was more clingy around bust yet slightly looser around the waist.I totally love it,so comfortable yet lets me express my inner nerd!. Already i have received comments on it and asking me where it was from. I'm not suprised it is unique and not something you would ever find on the highstreet.

Nerdoh accept paypal so as soon as i have some spare cash i intend to buy from them again, i really want the Arkham Asylum one next(being a big batman fan) :D

And now for you guys is the exciting part, Nerdoh has given one of my lucky followers the chance to win their choice of Tee from their range upto the value of £20.00

In order to enter just complete the following steps:

Follow my blog(tab top right hand side)

Like SuperSarah's facebook page

Like Nerdoh facebook page

Share this competition on your facebook page(set to public so i can do so just copy and past the address in the website browser above)

go to Nerdoh Clothing website to see which Tee you will choose if you win

Leave a comment below telling me you have done all the above,what Tee you would choose if you won and your facebook name.(only one comment please)

This competition will run until Friday 26th April, Winner will have 7 days to claim prize before a new winner is chosen.


Disclosure: i was not paid to do this review only to keep the product as a thank you for the time put into my review,all thoughts and opinions are my own.

And the winner is: (Highlighted in yellow.....lynz Da silva Dias!!.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nerdoh Clothing

Nerdoh! brings you a new range of movie t-shirts for men and woman that are made to a superior premium quality,screenprinted to exacting standards. if you want a t-shirt with a unique,subtle design from cult films then this is the place for you! Very cool facts about Nerdoh is that they even have quite a few famous personalities who love their designs. Jonathon Ross said that they were 'cool shirts',Tom Savini(actor and special effects guru)ons one of their from dusk till dawn designs, Sreve Niles(writor and graphic novelist of 30 days of night) has one in his wardrobe and super sexy actress, Emily Booth cavorts in a hellraiser skinny from time to time. And t-shirts are not the only things they sell they also do hoodies,aprons,hats,towels,wallets and collectables!! all at awesome prices. here are a few of my fave items/designs from their website:

                                lady-fit tee design

                                   lady-fit tee design

                                lady-fit tee design(my all time fave)

                               Batman crocheted collectable....dont you just love it!!

So what are you waiting for go and check them out now over at Nerdoh clothing website
on their Nerdoh facebook page and on twitter at @Nerdoh 

......And keep your eyes peeled a Review and competition is coming soon!.

Step by step guide on how to enter a rafflecopter competition correctly


Ive have decided to show you in a step by step guide how to enter my blog comps as i have noticed so many are doing it wrong which will mean you wont be entered.
Now as my new Creeper wedges giveaway in paticular you are struggling with this is the comp im going to walk you through on however the same rules apply to all of my blog posts.

Step 1.  Ok on the Rafflecoptor form the 1st thing it tells you to do is follow my blog via GFC if you will find the tab to do so up the top of my blog(it says followers)-in the little box on the rafflecopter put the name you used to follow me by(u must complete this step)

Step 2.    follow my blog fb page there will be a link on rafflecopter to take you to my page(in the box on rafflecopter) leave your facebook name you follow me by.

Step 3. follow katz kreme customised shoes fb page and again in the little rafflecopter box leave your facebook name you follow by.  

Step 4. leave a blog post comment... im asking you to go to katz kreme customised shoes fb page-link via rafflecopter form into their fabric albulm and under the rafflecopter form leave a blog post comment stating which fabric you would choose if you won (do Not say plz enter me or hello ect thats not what im asking) then in the little box on the form put the name you commented by.

Step 5. leave a comment on another blog post the same as step 4 only under another blog post put a comment then come back and in the rafflecopter form box tell me where you commented and by what name.

Step 6. share on fb(just go to supersarah's world and share one of my competition posts related to the comp you are entering,then in the small rafflecopter form box put the fb name you shared by.

The above 6 steps you have to do to be entered the next 2 are if you want to get extra entries.....

Step 7. follow me on twitter... there is a option to follow me on the rafflecopter form then in the small box put your twitter name you follow by.

Step 8. tweet this competition(it will give you a tweet button to click). again just leave your twitter name in small box- you can come back to my rafflecopter once a day  to tweet giving you an extra entry each time.

I hope this clears things up and makes it easier for you to understand...Happy comping...i look forward to receiving your entries.

World Down's Syndrome Awareness Day 21st march 2013

World Down Syndrome day is annually observed on march 21st to raise public awareness of Down Syndrome,a congenital disorder caused by having an extra 21st chromosome.

To raise awareness, we want to get people talking about WDSD... how can we do this??... by getting to wear socks,BUT NOT just any socks...brightly coloured socks,mismatched socks,long socks,printed socks,1 sock or 3(for 3  chromosomes),or if you never wear socks- wear them! :P

as long as the socks are on display and get people asking you about them.

World Down Syndrome day

im taking part are you?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Katz Kreme Customised Creeper Wedges Giveaway

Herold all my nerdy female  fans i have a awesome competition for you brought to you by the very lovely Lynz Da Silva Dias at Katz Kreme!

Lynz Da Silva Dias at Katz Kreme customizes shoes in her part time she plans to start producing clothes and would then love to get her own stall and clothing.She initially got into making these shoes and clothing because of her interests in comics and games and she wanted clothing and shoes that reflected that but could not find any on the market so decided to start making them herself.She gets alot of comments on them,they started saying how they would love her my little pony shoes and all sorts,so she decided she can turn this into her own little buisness.

Lynz Da Silva Dias Bio:

She has always been a really geeky person and  is a massive batman fan which is exactly what got her into customizing shoes...she wanted a batman pair! :D,she loves unique fashion and clothing and is a really creative person,who has never felt happy in the boring day job,which is why she really wanted to go into buisness.

Lynz Da Silva Dias Customizes a range of shoes that you can choose from on her base shoes albulm just pick the shoes and the fabric choice you would like used.

And onto the Giveaway..

Lynz Da Silva Dias has very kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win a pair of customized Creeper Wedges with your choices of fabric RRP £50.00  ... there is a vast range to choose from whether it be spongebob,hello kitty right through to batman or the avengers what will you choose i wonder!?

One thing thats for sure whoever wins im gonna be Dead jealous!! lol

Here is a example of the Creeper Wedges before and after getting them customized to your liking:

      How utterly Geeky n delish are these baby's!!


In order of standing a chance of winning just fill out the rafflecopter form below a Rafflecopter giveaway Winner will have 7 days to claim prize before i re-draw.... good luck nerdettes :D

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Red nose day fun

our Fun started with me being invited round to my friend jess's....she is totally bonkers btw....she decided to help out with sum cakes for the cake sale at school and only went and done over 100 of them didn't she!! lol.

i was roped into helping with a few... after saying she had to wear a red nose during god did the ready made icing smell bleaugh .....not to mention look like an afterbirth once the red dye was put in(a little bit not the whole bottle as i suggested :S....u can probably tell im no cook ) lol

it was great fun though....

Later that night i done my own chocolate rice krispy cakes....and this time the chocolate didnt taste smokey...or explode in the microwave!...(done old fashioned way over the stove)

Red nose day brought masses of red hair...i was literally the only mum in school with bright red hair...and in town no1 had a red nose let alone red hair lol.....Crazy Yes but thats ME for you.... :P

Also done a crazy picture collage upon my friend viccy's request including my bad impression of my precious(LOTR)....

RED NOSE DAY WE LOVE IT........hope u all had fun too :)

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's