Saturday, 21 September 2013

Today we went to see Circus Normandie

Adults £12.00
kids 3-16 £10.
babies(under 3 years) are free

Great evening - we went along with my friends Mary and Nicola and their kiddies and was also joined by Faye's hubby and their son. we saw a a lot off different acts including clowns/jugglers and aerialists.
Alisha kept talking about going and seeing a big Lion(i think she has been watching too many films!) however i was wrong she did get to see her Lion hehe - albeit someone dressed as a lion sadly not a real one ;)

it was a great family night of entertainment enjoyed thoroughly by kids and adults alike.even my friend Mary seemed to really enjoy it though she hates clowns which as we found out clearly so does Aaron!.

go and check them out Circus Normandie

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Grand Opening of the Earlswood Park Children's Park!

First of i would like to apologise for this being such a late posting with my kids being sick and 2 having to go into hospital ive literally just had the chance to get a few minutes to myself to actually sit down and write this post!

on 28th August we attended the official opening of Earlswood children's park,the red ribbon was cut by our VIP guest Matthew Briggs(Fullum football club player)

It was a great event enjoyed by parents and kids alike,with facepainting,Raffles,drinks and snacks and of course the newly installed playground equipment itself! my kids and especially my son Ethan didn't want to leave even though he was shattered hehe.

Among the stalls was CherryBlossom Cake Company selling a selection of their delectable cupcakes and cakepops.

utterly scrummy and very more-ish bang goes my diet ;)

I was also really lucky to win a selection of 12 cupcakes from  CherryBlossom Cake Company which was brilliant as my daughter was celebrating her birthday the following week!

Lucy's son

Faye's husband and son with Matthew Briggs

Here are some prizes we won of the raffle's there was some kindor eggs too but the kids wasted no time eating them!. 

In the late afternoon of my daughter Carla's birthday we received our cupcakes brought round directly  by Veronica of CherryBlossom Cake Company yummy Oreo and Vanilla mmmmm they looked absolutely stunning!! and i can tell you now they taste even better it literally just melts in your mouth!! i will definitely be recommending them to friends,absolutely delish!.

A brilliant day, i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the getting everything arranged/setting up and running of the day. and of course for the great cakes!

All photo's used in the post are either from the fantastic photographer Kath Phillips or myself, the pictures involving both Lucy and Faye's children are being used with their agreement.

To check out CherryBlossom Cake Company's great selection of yummy treats go and check out their facebook page.

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's