Monday, 28 November 2011

sylvanian families review

Help to celebrate the sylvanian family's 25th anniversary 

Sylvanian families info:

Created by the japanese company epoch in 1985 and distributed worldwide by a number of companies.
The characters are grouped into family's of woodland animals such as Beavers,Hedgehogs,Mice ect.
They were a part of the 1990's craze(fad toys)to have/buy and lets be honest they still are!.
They won Toy of the year for 3 years in a row,in 1987,1988 and 1989.
By the end of the 1990's sylvanian families had been discontinued in the uk,however flair have since reintroduced them.In 2007 Sylvanian families in the uk celebrated their 20th anniversary with some new items such as the best selling otter boat.
And now here we are celebrating Sylvanian families 25th anniversary,and flair have very kindly sent me 2 of the most succesful products of the year to test and review.

I was sent the  wedding Celebration set rrp£ 24.97(from tesco,price varys depending on stockist)

Everyone loves a good wedding and kids are no different girls in particular so why not let them celebrate their own big day in style with william and catherine balmoral.
This gorgous couple are accompanied by the reverend kelvin walters,their 2 cute bridesmaids amelia and louise and their ever soo sweet and cheeky pageboy james.

And i was also sent the motorcycle and sidecar featuring george and mildred mulberry rrp£26.99(from the entertainer,prizes vary depending on stockist)

Our thoughts:

My son and daughter both loved playing make believe with these 2 cute playsets,my son as expected  especially loved the motorcycle and sidecar,he loved taking george and mildred for big adventures around our home and even insisted they wanted to go on a train journey!
With his autism hes not into little pieces so he wouldnt touch the helmets but that didnt stop him having fun at all.
My daughter loved the wedding celebration set,no doubt due to the pretty dresses they were wearing and the fact that their was a little bunch of flowers for the bride to hold(she loves the finishing touches to things) she would line them up in a row with the reverend standing in front,she would start chattering away before getting up and shouting hooray and clapping then sitting back down to make them all dance and kiss each other.

All in all my kids absolutely love these products the start of many i am sure my daughter has already pointed to the baby fairground house in argos lol(shes only 2)

If you are stuck for an xmas pressies you cant go wrong with either of these two products,I think the Wedding celebration set would also make ideal gifts for little bridesmaids too.

to view flair website for more info on stockists or to view other great products they sell please click here

Monday, 14 November 2011

wow review

                 The wonderful world of WOW.

All wow toys are independently tested to exceed current European EN-71,parts 1,2,3&9 and american astm safety standards,plus Cadmium Content,Phthalates and PAH.

They are made to be Durable& safe with no small parts or pvc.

Their toys also don't need any Batteries!!
Suitable for ages 1 1/2-5 years

The wonderful people over at WOW have very kindly sent me 2 of their WOW toys for my kids to review and put through their paces.
We received the Mario's pizzeria.
contents included are:

  1. 2 removable figures (mario the cook and marco)
  2. pizza delivery trike and 3 removable pizzas
  3. magic oven with push to bake button.
And Poppy's pony adventure
contents included are:
  1. friction powered car with realistic engine sound
  2. detachable horsebox
  3. rider and pony
  4. hay bale and jump

Here is what my kids thought:

As soon as my 2 year old daughter saw this massive parcel get delivered she was really excited and couldnt wait to get inside the packaging to see what it contained,once i had removed the toys she started cheering and dancing around especially when i told her that her toy was the 1 with the pink car :)

She was very impatient waiting for me to get the toy out of the box,i have always hated the wire ties that hold the toys in the box as they are soo fiddly.
As soon as i had removed all the pieces she ran to the frontroom and got on the sofa ready to play and i must say its the longest she has ever sat still for anything well over an hour,pushing the car,getting polly to ride her pony and jump over the hay bales and jump then on top of the car before going around again and again.

I got my 4 year old sons all out ready for him to start to play as soon as he got home and like my daughter he was really excited to see it he is obsessed with cars,boats ect any vechicle to be honest so he clearly was overjoyed with this toy.he too spent a long time playing with it spinning and clicking the cook around to choose the pizza topping and popping the pizza in the oven to cook before getting marco to collect it then take it to alisha's poppy for her to enjoy then he drove him around on his bike while alisha chased him with her pony :)

My overall views on the WOW toys:

  1. fantastic quality items,very strong and study(my son especially needs this being autistic as he can be very heavy handed with his toys).
  2. no small fiddly bits so easier for little fingers :)
  3. great value for money(i have looked into ordering more from tesco some selected ones are half rice at the moment too)   
if you ever buy any toy for your little one for xmas make sure a WOW toy is on the list :)

To visit the WOW website just click HERE

Sunday, 13 November 2011

baby zilli review

                                    The great taste of baby zilli

Baby zilli facts: 
It was launched in the retail market in january 2011 with 8 delicious dishes with more coming soon.

Thier are 3 stages:
Stage one from 4 months.
Stage 2 from 6 months and
Stage 3 from 9 months
you can also get  breakfast and pudding pouches both from 6 months and  drinks for 12 months and over.

Thier products also have  :

No added salt or sugar
No bulking agents
No E-numbers
No preservatives
No artificial additives
No gm

just 100% goodness!!

I recently got sent  some food pouches for my 6 month old son to test and review by the lovely people over at baby zilli, This is what we thought:

I was really excited to receive some pouches to test by baby zilli as i had hear some really good things about their products and it seems they are all right!

The pouches we received were the:

Blueberry blast.....consisting of blueberry's,apples and bananas.
Tutti frutti.....consisting of peaches,bananas and apricots.
Zilli greens.....consisting of  spinache,peas and pear.
Aldo's fruit punch.....consisting of pears,apples and bananas.

We started off by trying the Zilli greens and apart from the expected face of what on earth he didnt hesistate for a second mouthful and starting  going mmmmmm alot and babbling,he actually ate just over half the pouch which seeing as hes new to weaning and trying new foods is actually really good would normally take a couple of months with my kids to eat this much at the begining.
It wasnt just this pouch either he truly loved all of them eating large amounts each time so much so i had to go out on day 5 to waitrose to buy some more!

        Aaron enjoying his baby zilli   :)

I have and will continue to use baby zilli pouches i especially love how easy they are to use and alot less messy,also perfect for when out and about as u just need a pouch and a bib no cumbersome bowels or spoons.

You can buy Baby zilli from stockists such as waitrose,tesco and babies r us to name but a few,a full list can be found on the Baby zilli website along with other helpful advice,news,comp and their own shop to purchase from. To visit their site just click Here.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

hipp organic review

I have recently started weaning my 6 month old son and the lovely people over at   Hipp have very kindly set me a bundle of delicious baby foods for my son to try out :)

What we received:
  • A 230g packet of banana and peach breakfast
  • 2 fruit pouches..... mango,apple and peach and apple,strawberry and banana
  • A 2 pack of gently steamed pots..... succulent tomato and chicken ragout
  • 6 jars....william christ pears+banana and peach dessert+vegetables with rice and chicken+red fruit and apple compote+vegetable and turkey casserole and lastly tender carrots and potatoes  

Our thoughts:

we started off by using the banana and peach dessert once daily for several days he absolutely loved it,i loved the expressions all baby's give off after their 1st taste of food its absolutely priceless! :)
we quicky moved onto the jars at lunchtime and a pouch at night,i find with him being full before sleeping he  sleeps a he tends to settle  alot faster.

So far it seems his favorites are the steamed pots and banana and peach brekkie.
my favorite is the  pouches as they are so convenient you can just grab one and pop into your changing bag,they are also alot cleaner as you can gently squeeze the food out as your baby eats it.
i found they were quick to warm up a little too 1-2 mins and they were just right :)

All in all my son loves hipp and i certainly intend to continue to use.

You can buy Hipp from most major retailors and supermarkets
to visit the Hipp website and learn more please click Here.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

have a fantastic Christmas with john crane and sevi!

 If like me you have a child that can be very heavy handed with his toys then look no further because
 john crane   have joined forces with the well known internationally company sevi to bring you some gorgeous wooden toys. 

 John crane stock a fantastic range of  unique and educational toys made to a outstanding quality and built to last,you really would find it too hard not to find something you like.

And with Christmas just around the corner why not check their great range out from cookers to xmas decorations,here is a few  sevi toys that i would absolutely love to own.

                              Something for the baby's
                             All kids love to bang a big loud drum!
                                Now as many of you know my sons autistic and 1 of the things we struggle with big time is teeth brushing so i love the idea of this as it would make this part of the day much more enjoyable.

 And lets not forget their great Christmas pieces ideal for the festive season.

I love john crane toys and i have fallen in love with sevi toys and together they make a great duo i for one will definitely  be keeping an eye out on john cranes fb page for more news and releases.

To visit the john crane website click here.
To  visit the john crane facebook page click here.
To visit and follow john crane on twitter click here.
To check out other bloggers posts on john crane and sevi check out this link on blog-match



Friday, 4 November 2011

fancy dress outfitters review

  Have a very merry christmas with the FancyDressOutfitters.

 In our house Christmas is always a very busy time of year it is also full of fun,wonder and excitement,one of the things i have tried to make a tradition in our family is wearing xmas outfits on Christmas day. 
This year i was very lucky to get some help from the wonderful people over at FancyDressOutfitters.
They very kindly let me choose an outfit for each of my 4 oldest children,i can tell you i could not of been more spoilt for choice myself and my oldest 2 daughters had soo much fun looking through their  Christmas fancy dress range.They had everything from santas little helpers, elf's, Christmas crackers and gingerbread man to the more tradition angels,santas and miss santas   :)

In the end we chose:

  • The Daisy Angel Costume age 3-4 £18.48
  • The Christmas Pudding Costume age 10-12  £18.48
  • The Little Reindeer Costume age 3-4  £15.40
  • The Holly Princess Costume  age 10-12  £16.42

My 4 year old was the first to try his costume on and for once he was more than happy too although i do think its because hes obsessed with dogs and even though it looks nothing like 1 he kept going around on hands and knees barking with tongue hanging out lol.

I love the fact it has a detachable hood which is really good as alot of kids cant bear to wear them,its also made really well my favorite bit has got to be the antlers :)

  Next up was my 2 year old daughter as soon as she saw me get the outfit out for her to try on her eyes just lit up she kept clapping her hands and saying me mummy me!.
  I have to say this was my favorite 1 of them all purely for no other reason than its soo cute and my daughter looked soo adorable in it.
When we put Her outfit on her and  then held a mirror out for her to see this was my her 1st reaction  :)

My daughter absolutely loved the angel wings she kept running around waving her arms and watching the wings as if hoping it would help her fly away.
My oldest 2 had chosen their own outfits off the website and were really impressed.they liked how they too could dress up but not look babyish for it.
They loved the colours designs and lengths to their outfits and also said the head bands was like the cherry on top of the cake :)

My overall thoughts:
  • speedy delivery of items
  • wide range of costumes and accessories
  • fantastic quality for money
  • great prices.

I will be mentioning the FancyDressOutfitters to friends for them to consider and hopefully buy for their little ones too.
To view their website plz click here
to see their great children's xmas range clickhere
or to see their wide range of  adults xmas outfits please click here 
 Trust me you wont be disappointed you did!.... now to go and get my baby boy his outfit and we are all set :)


Thursday, 3 November 2011

cool fans review


I was sent the coolfan to review by the lovely people of at coolfans

A bit more information:

Due to fears of germ cross-contamination it is standard practice in nurseries and care homes NOT to blow on another persons food.This is one of the basic rules of food hygiene.

Don't risk passing on a flu or cold virus to your child,let the powerful coolfan do the cooling for you,quickly and safely.

This ingenious invention can be used from when your child starts on solids right through the toddler years,allowing the whole family to sit and eat together.

More useful info:

  • Choose from four fun designs.(Izzy,Dixie,Milo and Axil)
  • Accommodates most plates,dishes and bowels.
  • Fan can be detached from frame for cleaning.All materials are wipe clean.
  • Quality fan construction with soft fan blades to prevent injury.
  • Open design allows food to be stirred,further decreasing the cooling time.
  • Beneficial uses for children,disabled people and the elderly.
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries(included)
  • Made in the uk to approved CE standards.
  • Price £9.99 plus P&P
The coolfan gang.

My thoughts on the coolfan:

Well anyone that knows me and my family will know full well that mealtimes are one of the most stressful times of the day for us,our meals generally consist of a baby crying a 2 and 4 year old moaning they are hungry but having to wait the older 2 getting annoyed with all the noise and me and the bf generally getting really stressed out!.

And then along came axil   the insane but harmless member of the coolfan gang he always gives 100% but his short attention span often leads to catastrophic results.  :)

We have been using axil for about 3 weeks now and ive got to say hes been an absolute godsend!
By the time dinners done our two are moaning/crying they are hungry then when we take their dinner past them and onto window sill to cool down they start screaming because they have to wait even longer.

With axil this is no longer the case once the batteries are in you are ready to go no messing about trying to figure out tricky instructions to use ect. 
The first time i used axil my daughters face was a picture not only was her plate put in front of her right away but the delight of watching it do its job kept her quiet for the minute if that it took for it to cool her dinner down!......ethan my 4 year old was happy going second instead of screaming to get his now instead of anyone else..... ive got to say that was our first enjoyable meal in months!.

Since this we have used the coolfan every night without fail i can honestly say i dont know what i did without it.
Besides being easy to use and clean i love the fact it has soft fans so my son and daughter wont hurt their hands if as kids do they try to investigate them whilst working,and despite this they are still very efficiant in getting the job done!.

I absolutely love the coolfan and have already been talking about it to friends and our our local toddler group.
The only thing i do wish was that it was foldable for storage its not big however it is too big to put in changing bag while eating  out lol.

The coolfan is a must have product with babys and young why not pop over to their site to check them out for yourselfs.
for more information and to view their website please click coolfans.

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's