Sunday, 23 August 2015

Kleenbots Review

Nappies have always been a talking point to Kleenbots in terms of quality and expense,they weren't happy so decided to do something about it and since mid 2013 that's exactly what they did.....

I had the opportunity to review some nappies for our son Aaron, at 4 years old he still wears nappies 24/7 due to his special needs hes nowhere near ready for potty training yet...

Now normally we use Pampers or Huggies either size 4+ or size 5,and as everyone knows unless the baby event is on or you have coupons Pampers or Huggies  nappies at full price are expensive however one thing i noticed right away was how really well priced they was... for a box of 180 nappies sized 4 which was the size we were reviewing it costs £31.04 where else buy pampers or Huggies when there's no deal on you are looking at around £28.00 for just 120 nappies so right away for just 3 pounds more you get an extra 60 nappies and if that's not good enough the price given is with them being delivered so you can sit in comfort and let someone else do all the leg work!  that's just Wow in my opinion.

The other really positive thing i noticed was how well they fit even if i get size 5 nappies normally they can be pretty snug and not too stretchy around our sons waist,with Kleenbots they were super stretchy and actually fit him really nicely,i love the wetness indicator on the nappies,the fact they were so soft our son didn't get any eczema  flair ups,and best of all we get no leaks...even during the night, Brilliant!

I love Kleenbots. I do wish I could buy them in the local supermarkets,as I'm never too keen about ordering online,however they are so good I think i should look into ordering more,fantastic value for money.

Why not go and check out Kleenbots online and order a free sample now,all you do is pay for postage,you will love them I promise!

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  1. These sound great, I struggle to find decent nappies for my son. I've been through so many different brands now.


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