Wednesday, 5 August 2015

lets learn to swim with the swim shop-Giveaway.

A recent study found that 57% of children between 7-11 years old cannot swim. In a bid to change this Swimshop are running a 'Save a Life, Learn to Swim' campaign.

Swimshop have put together some fun swimming games you can do as a family to increase your child's confidence in the water,It's in the form of a  free PDF download that you can get here:    I particularly love the look of what's the time Mr.Wolf.

I myself cant swim and I wont lie as a result I have been too scared to take our kids swimming in our local swimming pools,I have looked into swimming lessons often but I have often been too scared to book any,I think maybe it's about time I and our kids learnt to swim even more so as we live 10 minutes from the beach and we have to walk by the harbor on pretty much a daily basis and i'm always terrified one of the kids will trip and fall in and I wont be able to save them.
As a start I have decided that we will buy the kids some swimming aids and under constant supervision we will let them gain confidence in the sea when we hit the beach and from there swimming lessons for us are a must.

Check out the learn to swim campaign sponsors swimshop where you will find swimming costumes and equipment online.

Swimshop have very kindly offered 2 of my readers the chance to win a set of arm bands and a float(choice of styles) from their online shop. In order to stand a chance of winning just fill out the Rafflecopter form below...

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  1. My son would like the Steve Sharky one

  2. I love the Hippo!

  3. Lynsey Buchanan8 August 2015 at 06:02

    Polly Pink Fish

  4. My Grandson would love the shark one

  5. Lexie would love Polly pink fish

  6. I love the seal float, it's sooo cute :-)

  7. Aaaaw! Steve Sharky is my favourite float.

  8. we like the seal its too cute


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