Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tutu Thursday

It's that time of week again and this week alisha is wearing hmmmmmm i forgot about Tutu Thursday :(
but no fear here are some old pictures of me taking part in some Tutu fun and looking like a right plonker too hehehe. Next week the gorgeous Alisha will grace your screens again and what about the lil cutie Scarlett? well why not pop on over to Jelly Rose Yate and find out ;)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Superhero Sunday!

It's that time of week again when i team up with my fabulous friends and fellow bloggers Jelly Rose Yate and Owl Crazy Mummy to dress us sons up in Superhero clobber be it dress up or everyday wear, This week i have my son Aaron who is sporting his amazing Spiderman t.shirt teamed with black cord cargo bottoms from Asda. why not pop over to my friends blog's as linked above and see what their sons are wearing today and i will see you on Thursday when its the girl's turn for Tutu Thursday :D

Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Handbag

Ever wanted to delve into the world of a woman's handbag to find what mystery's they contain?
well i have decided to let you delve into mine(within reason),now bear in mind each woman is different most contain lots of makeup ect,i'm not one of them i can be girly but as far as makeup goes forget it,don't get me wrong i do wear it but its soo hard to find some that my eczema wont react to that half the time i don't even bother is what i do have.....

My bag,i love butterfly's as you can probably tell from here what i also love is how the cream print bag blends in with my sons purple pushchair perfectly(yes i said it purple is a unisex colour hehe)

i'm a avid keyring fan whether cool or blingy here is my Chucky keyring

And my other selection i love the keep calm range of aim is to get a batman and tweety keyring,still searching though

whether i was a mum or not i would always carry a small pack of hand wipes-great for removing make-up,cleaning anything sticky you may touch or generally just to freshen up in summer.

i try to keep everything in its compartments

just the basics you need smelly's and with kids i always have tissues and gloves handy in cold weather which in summer gets exchanged for sun cream lotion

my little diary-great for jotting notes down or appointments on the go i'm terrible at remembering so its a must for me oh and a car haha my son's for travelling of course

first aid kit with plasters,medicine spoon and sachets of medicine again another mummy thing,and sunglasses...well you can but hope!

every woman must have a pen and lip gloss at all times

my purse of course has to be in my fave pink rose print looking for small small things like keyring or similar to bling my purse up a bit

Assorted crap=chewing gum i always have that, Vaseline,headache tabs!,hair clips for my daughter i hate when i spend ages doing her her just for it to get messed up by the wind so these are a life saver  no idea why i have 3 packs of earphone piece replacements though :/

And that's it not very exciting but there you go,normally i would have a book for when out and about waiting for appointments ect but i have currently read them all several times over off to buy the hunger games book-set Monday though so the first of them will join it my bag 

so that's me, why not join me and share the contents of your life/bag ;)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tutu Thursday

I'ts time for Tutu Thursday and today Alisha is wearing her fave pink Cupcake Tutu from Very with a matching jumper,great for a party or as a casual outfit like it was today :)

Why not pop on other to Jelly Rose and see what Tutu the cutie miss Scarlett is wearing today :D

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Alisha's first day

Yesterday was Alisha's first day at her new preschool since moving to Weymouth in October she has been asking us constantly when is she going,i think she misses all her friends so needless to say was a little anxious about whether she would get upset on the day when she remembered she would be joining a  new preschool and meeting/making new friends.

We need not of bothered worrying though Alisha was a trooper and was smiling from ear to ear from the moment she woke up to get ready to going and coming home if anything she was eager to go again today i have lost count of the number of times we have had to explain that she only goes on Monday's Wednesday's and Thursday's however she has finally accepted it and is looking forward to tomorrow and day 2.

Cute Cute Boutique

Cute Cute Boutique is an online shop full of items which have been lovingly handmade and make perfect gifts for all occasions.
From cute TUTU'S,sandles,tights and headbands for the girls to clothes and accessories for the boys you are sure to find something to suit everyones wants and needs :)

We were sent a gorgeous cream headband for Alisha to try,it was from a new range yet to go up on the website price will be £8.00

Beautifully packaged in tissue paper and lovingly displayed on a pink card along with Cute Cute's contact details.i loved the colour and the gold glitter effects on the flower piece,upon removing from the packaging i felt how lovely and soft the lace was and stretchy offering great comfort for little heads.
here is my daughter sporting her headband 

My daughter loved it as do i,i love how it can be won as part of a everyday outfit like Alisha's cupcake Tutu here or you can take it to the next step and really dress it up,it would be the perfect accessory for a birthday,christening,wedding and many other events.
personally i would love to see every little girl in a Tutu and matching headband from Cute Cute Boutique how Cute would that be!?

Disclosure: i was not paid to do this review only to keep the product as a thank you for the time put into my review,all thoughts and opinions are my own.

HumZingers review

HumZingers have been made with children's needs in mind,with conveniance and variety a priority. Foil packed for freshness,they contain a wide array of nutrients and are available in 10 mouth watering flavours. 1 HumZinger equals 1 portion of your child's 5 a day.

My youngest 3 children aged 2,4 and 6 all loved the HumZingers my 6 year old called this juicy lucy in my tummy(i think they were fruity!)  my daughters reaction was just mmmmmmmmm and asking for another, we have used them as a snack on the go as they just pop into my handbag and as they are individually wrapped i know they wont make a mess,as well as this we have used as part of a healthy lunch-great for packed lunches!!

we will be buying again from Tesco as that is the nearest stockist to us,my kids just cant get enough of them-highly recommended.

you can follow HumZingers over on the HumZingers Facbook page

Monday, 20 January 2014

Saturday treat at Bella Italia

i decided as i was in town to my youngest two munchkins that i would treat us all to a early dinner so we went to  in weymouth,it was lovely to eat somewhere that didn't sell big macs or chicken nuggets(as much as i love macs)it is the only place my autistic son will eat so a change is great!

I ordered a spagetti bolognese as did my daughter Alisha, They do a great little kids menu where you get 3 courses and a drink,Alisha had Grissini Italian Breadsticks for starters,her main was spagetti bolognese followed by a Ice Cream Cone Cup accompanied with a glass of milk.

The meal was lovely Alisha struggled to eat all her main mostly due to the spagetti falling off her fork yet inisting on no help! she seemed to love it mind you the amount she had on her face i wondered if any actually got inside her mouth!!
Sadly Aaron was in another non eating mood and none of the lush food would tempt him otherwise but we enjoyed it.

Superhero Sunday!

We have Tutu Thursday for the girl's and now its the boys turn with Superhero Sunday(a lil belated)
myself and my wonderful friends and fellow bloggers Viccy from
 and Jess from have teamed up to bring you each week some pictures of our Superhero sons(or daughters if they wish to take part)

This week Aaron has been chillaxin in his Batman in training pj's £6.00 from Asda while Ethan and his silly faces is sporting his red superman Tee,All set to save the world.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

It's Tutu Thursday

me and my friend Viccy from have thought up the fabolous idea to share pictures of our daughters or us or anyone ;) in Tutu's it will be know as Tutu Thursday anyone can take part just make sure to link us in your post so we can share in the Tutu cuteness, if you dont have a blog just feel free to share a picture on one of our walls :)

Here is my gorgeous daughter Alisha aged 4 wearing one of her fave Tutu's, Peppa pig 2 piece set RRP £10.00 brought in the january sales for £7.00 from asda :)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I was a model for Iroka Weymouth

Iroka Salon is characterized by a lively,welcoming vibe and a reputation among those in the know as one of the very best in Dorset area being the only Sassoon partner in the South with its contemporary electric,vibrant atmosphere in which toe experience e the unique philosophy and approach that Iroka and its creative team bring to the art of hairdressing. Iroka and is as affordable as it is distinctive and offers the highest level of client comfort,service and value for money.

With over 35 years of operating hair salons in the Dorset area they pride themselves on delivering the highest standards of customer service and promise every client the ultimate hair experiance.

I like to check out and test hairdressers in my area and as i only moved to Dorset in October up until now i have only used one up till now.
I came across Iroka in passing as i searched the side streets of Weymouth Town from there i was interested in finding out what services Iroka offer,my next step was to Google them where i found they offer a vast range of very pleasing treats including:

Beauty Treatments

Iroka Essentials

  • waxing
  • electrolysis
  • eyes
  • xtreme lashes
  • hands and feet
  • acrylic & fiberglass nail system
  • make up/tanning
Iroka Packages

  • yummy mummy
  • pamper parties
  • under 12's
  • night out
  • holiday
  • beautiful bride
These are among plenty of others as well as offers to see everything please do visit their website on the above link.

Via the website i then came across their Facebook page which is where i found their post asking for models for their level 2 apprentice's who are very close to qualifying,they were looking for people willing to have a graduated bob,shorter layered cuts and crop haircuts anyone wishing to take part and help them out were offered this cut free of charge.

Now as a busy mum of 5 it's lovely to get such a treat such as a trip to the hairdressers or nail bar ect,to get one free of charge even better and if that means in turn i get to help someone out in the process then Great,i'm all up for that.

The cut i went for was a textured layered bob which i also remember being told would have a graduation too.the lovely lady in charge of my care and cut was Jade,i found her to be very polite and chatty we spoke throughout my hair being done which was great i hate those stylists that come across very stiff and boring as its makes the whole experience uncomfortable but Jade was very down to earth and nice.
Loved having my hair prepped and washed,i think the massaging chair helped with that too was lovely to sit back and relax. one of the things i did notice when i arrived and was being looked after was how vibrant,modern and stylish the salon looked as well as shiny and clean,my cut took longer than usual but then that is to be expected being a model as things need to be double checked as you go along,it is certainly something i would happily do again though as it was a really enjoyable afternoon out and i love my new haircut even if i did get caught in the rain on the way home,now just to save to get it recolored,thinking i may look into getting my nails done at some point too as that's something i have never bothered with before :)

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's