Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Annabel's Kitchen my first cookbook.review

Annabel Karmel is a busy mum of 3,she has written 22 bestselling books including the new complete baby and toddlers meal planner.

With the help of the penguins jimmy and pearl and their friends,Annabel shows you how to cook simple but delicious dishes in a fun and easy way.
RRP: £12.99.

I have been sent  for myself and my kids to test and review  the Annabel's Kitchen My first cookbook 

My thoughts:

This had a very eyecatching cover my kids even my 11 year old couldnt wait to get started.
Inside was a very bold and colourful contents and introduction page.
I loved how it was laid out so well, i found it really easily to refer back to in which to  find the pages with the recipes i was looking for on.
My 4 year old loved all of the pictures with Jimmy and Pearl on, clearly they put the fun factor into cooking for him.

Now anyone that knows me well will know i cant cook or  bake for the life of me so as much as i try i tend to get lost when following recipies and as a result they pretty much always go wrong!
However i found each recipi in this book   was very clearly presented,highlighting what you will need and easy to follow step by step guidelines on what to do and how, i also loved the pictures not only do they make them all look soo yummy that you want to do them all they also help as give you a guideline as to how it should look like,i especially love the picture above the what you need bit as sometimes you think what on earth is that! when you have never heard of something but at least thi way you know what you are buying so you know you are choosing the right item for example i had no idea what Tagliatelle was(no joking) but by looking at the picture i could see it looked like pasta so i knew where to go to buy it.

We started off by making the Jimmy's fish pie,im not a big seafood fan but i want to try to give my kidsa wide range so seemed a good place to start.
I followed everything said however i must say i think i bite off more than i could chew for my first attempt i didnt prepare anything i tried to do it all as i went and as a result everything started to go wrong, i had no idea how to skin the cod so it ended up looking hacked, i burnt the potatos in the pan by it sticking to the bottom i wont go on but there was loads,needless to say the kids wouldnt touch it!.

So a few days later i got up the courage to try again,this time myself and my 4 year old made some oink oink sandwich's

Now this one was much easier for me to follow and  do plus easier to prepare for  now i did do a couple of changes like honesy roast ham and soft cheese slices(purely as my kids wont eat any other variation) and if im honest for a first timer i dont think i did too bad :)

We now plan to make some Breakfast pancakes and some yummy Nachos for nibbling to eat while watching a dvd.

My overall thoughts:

This is one must have recipe books you just have to buy there is just soo much choice of things to make,there is something for every budget.
The kids will just love creating master piece dishes to gobble all up.

Pop on over to Annabel Karmel's website to check out other recipe ideas weaning advice and much much more.

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Aarons first year

As Aaron celebrated his first birthday on wednesday i have decided to look back on how far he has come and share a little insight of his life so far.

Aaron was born on the 16th may 2011,he was 3 days late i was worried about lack of  movements so went to see my midwife she said heartbeat seemed fine but a little hard to find at first so sent me it to get a heart beat trace done from it they were worried as they found his heart rate kept dipping so decided to induce me straight away,10 minutes later my waters had been broken.then i was taken into a smaller room to have an iv drip put in to start labour and incase i needed a blood transfusion with it being my 5th baby this was when the fun really started- i have always had really thin thready veins that tend to jump as a result of this it took 4 hours- 7 attempts at putting a needle in ,3 midwifes and a doctor tried in the end had to be done by the anesthesiologist lol.
But finally it was in 5 mins later got my first strong contraction(labour had officially started)
2nd contraction was really painful so had gas and air then got thick and fast and unbearable needless to say 30 mins after first contraction i gave birth to Aaron!!.
He was my quickest birth yet weighing a good 8lbs.

Since his birth:

He was breastfed for several months but had some trouble latching on and also suffered from alot of reflux.he was a great sleeper was sleeping through from 3 months old he also smiled and laughed early.
Since then  we moved him onto solids unfortunatly he is still at 12 months on 4 month old food we have tried everything-homemade purees with a little texture,mashed food,jars with lumps,even finger food like bread and cakes ect but all he does is gag he just wont have anything other than 4 month old steamed dinners-wont even have that stage in jars,breakie and pudding hes fine with but again will only have that age group.he has since just got his first 2 bottom teeth through and hope this will help with his eating and he has also been referred to see someone else to help with his eating so fingers crossed he will pick up as he is tiny for his age and im sure this is not helping with the other skills he has yet to learn.

 at 9 months he was diagnosed with lax ligaments like his 4 year old brother who is autistic,he still cant sit unaided,stand,crawl, he can roll onto his belly but gets stuck and cant roll back again.

We are currently awaiting his 1 year checkup as to be honest there is only a few things from the checklist that he can do which is pretty worrying.
Our biggest fear at the moment is that he is autistic like his brother we really hope not but as you can imagine its really hard not to think it with everything going on.

On a brighter note he is a very happy,smiling little boy also full of giggles and is so laid back you couldnt ask for a chippier little boy, so fingers crossed with help he will soon catch up with his peers :)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Earth friendly kids review

New natural body care for kids
The special little friends who had previously used the Earth Friendly Baby Products when they were younger really wanted their own range and here it is with the Earth Friendly Kids range of natural body washes,bubble baths, hand washes,lotions and wipes.

I have been sent 4 products from the Earth friendly kids range to test and review
Included were the:

  • Zingy Citrus Shampoo and Bodywash 250ml £3.99
  • Zingy Citrus Bubble Bath 250ml £3.99
  • Zingy Citrus Handwash 250ml £3.99
  • Zingy Citrus Body Lotion 250ml £4.99

First up the Bubble bath:

loved the smell poured a little bit into the running water and mixed,to be honest i love how you dont need to add much,i was a bit disappointed though as unlike the Earth Friendly Baby range it didnt produce very many bubbles which i like and so do my 4 and 2 year old who buy time of getting in said bubbles all gone as they practicaly were by this point which was a shame as they love to play with them.My 4 year old also said me want pwetty colour(he tends to pick ones that change the water colour-hence making it more fun at bath times).

Shampoo and Body wash:

Created a good lather,son and daughters skin was left  soft and smooth,hair was also very silky and soft feeling-very managable when brushing hair directly after the bath.

Body Lotion

Just like the Earth Friendly Baby one i love it,my sons normally very dry rough skin has been left so much smoother as a result of using this product,easily absorbs into the body with no sticky residue,i myself have started using it too as i suffer from dry skin.

Hand wash 

easy to use dispenser,provides just the right amount needed with 1 pump.love how it creates just the right amount without causing lots of mess like some that are too foamy do.our hands were not only left really clean but also very soft.

All in all i love these products, they smell great,leave you feeling soft and smooth all over and are very good sizes.
we will be buying the handwash,lotion and shampoo/body wash again not the bubble bath though but only as kids were not taken and  i love more bubbles :)

Why not pop over to Earth Friendly kids and see what they stock for yourself
You can buy from selected Waitrose stores and other wellbeing outlets.
You can also follow them on Facebook

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Earth friendly baby review

I would love to find a great range of bath/baby products that are good for dry/sensitive skin without any of the side effects that result from some products you can buy on the market.
My 11 month old suffers from a little bit of exzema on his face and elbows and what we currently use although it is a good brand seems to somehow flare his skin up especially after bathtimes.
and then anllong came Earth friendly baby

The purpose of Earth friendly baby is to creaye high quiality,natural products that are healthy for babies and the planet at a affordable price.

Because all of their products are natural they have ingrediants that are plant-derived where possible and also biodegradable.
They do not use aetificial colouring or synthetic fragrences,or any parabens or sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate.

The products i received to test and review are the:

  • organic calendula daily care cream 4 oz  
  • organic lavender baby lotion 250ml
  • organic lavender bubble bath
  • relaxing organic lavender  shampoo and wash.
First up the organic calendula daily care cream

Specially developed to gently moisterize and act as a barrier to protect delicate skin against wetness.
it has both botanical and essential oil extracts of calendula with a vegetable oil base and natural beeswax.

I used this and was good for the first 4 days then had to stop,there was nothing wrong with the product in fact it protected both my youngests bums and they had no soreness or rashes as a result the only reason i stopped was because my little ones nappies started to leak and as such mean lots more washes(i use cloth nappies) si presume this was from a build up of cream in the material so i had to do a strip wash to get them  nappies back to normal. I left a couple of days then started again using one day on one day off.

Organic Lavender Bubblebath

great for little ones,lovely refreshing scents, rich foam and great cleaning all at the same time.
a little goes a long way.

I have used this every night since receiving and i do really like it,just pop a little bit into warm running water,swirl around with hand till desired temperature and you are ready to go.
I love the smell its just soo sweet.it created lots of bubbles for my son to play with in the tub. left my sons skin feeling really soft after his bath.

Relaxing lavender shampoo and bodywash

Bath time has never been simpler with these lovely,all in one body cleansers.
They have been specially created to gently cleanse your baby's hair and skin without leaving behind residue.

My thoughts:

This was lovely to the touch,very smooth feeling left on the skin.i loved how it was a body wash/shampoo combined,anything that makes the daily life of being a mum easier is good in my eyes also saves room in the cupboard from having less bottles and more money saved from buying more than 1 different products.

Relaxing Lavender Body lotion

Ideal to use all over  our baby's body.
 included in the lotions are are moisterizing Shea butter together with lots of vitamins to make these extra special products.

My thoughts:

I love the Body lotion,i think it is actually my favorite out of all of the products i put it on my 11 month old who suffers a bit of eczema on his face and elbows,i have found with using this 2 daily in morning and following evening bath that my sons skin is so much softer and around his eczema areas they are not so rough,have actually look wise calmed down in appearance,my son himself is not scratching as much either.

I still have lots left of my products but plan to re buy again once needed especially the Body lotion-which i highly recommend.

Why not check Earth Friendly Baby's website out to see their full range of products
Also you can find Earth Friendly Baby on facebook
You can also buy them from:
  • Selected waitrose's
  • John Lewis
  • Sainsbury's
  • boots
To name a few.

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 10 May 2012

momma review

momma by lanisinoh

Discovery through design:
the momma philosophy

momma is a beautifully designed developmental line of baby products from Italy.
They thoughtfully combine shape,style,movement and colour to transform each moment of your baby's mealtime into one of growth,learning and fun.

 I  have been very kindly sent a range of momma products to test and review with my 11 month and 2 1/2 year old children.
As a parent im always looking for ways to make mealtimes easier it is one of my goals as a parent.

Rocking fork and the Rocking spoon

  • Rocks
  • Extendable handle
  • Protective cover
  • 8 months+ for the fork and 6months+ for the spoon
Round egonomic shape for easy grip.
Rocking movement entertains and stimulates baby's learning.
Rounded tips are perfect baby's delicate gums.
It is hygienic as the fork tips never touch surfaces.

My thoughts:
I love how easy they were for my son to grab,the first spoon and fork set he has been able to get a good grip off if im honest they just seemed to be ideally shaped for a young baby's hand.
I love the rocking motion which prevents the spoon/fork touching any surfaces which is great and means there is little chance of any germs being picked up and transferred to my sons mouth.my son also found it fun to hit them and watch them wobble :)

Warm plate
  • 0% BPA
  • Sitable for 6months+
  • Water chamber to help keep food warm
  • partitioned for taste differation
  • non slip base
My thoughts:

I love the sleek style and the size its nice and deep perfect for dinners or even my 11 month olds pureed food .
nice and easy to clean with no staining from sauces to the plate materials.
Also worked well for my 2 year old at dinner times as was large enough to hold all of her food.after placing a little hot water into the base of the warm plate via the valve i noticed that towards the end of my daughters meal her food was still nice and warm(15 minutes on).
I did however find it tricky to open the valve up i had to use a knife to gently pop in to break the seal-however this is hardly an issue as at least it brings peace of mind that the hot contents will be contained.

Non spill cup
  • Rocks
  • Non-spill
  • Suitable for 6months+
  • 250ml
  • Soft silicone spout
  • perfect fit for a baby's small hands.

Designed with the latest spill proof technology,it delivers the liquid only when a baby sucks.
Very hygienic as the spout never touches any surfaces.

My thoughts:

i have always loved non spill cups as always got sick of scrubbing stains out of my sofa and carpets so love this feature.what i look for when buying a cup is these 3 things:

  1. good eye catching design
  2. a nice decent size
  3. a teat suitable for my childs age in this case one that is soft perfect for a teething baby
And i must say with the momma range they tick all of my boxes,i love the bright vibrant green colour and as with the spoon and fork  i Love the rounded shape which gives it a lovely rocking motion which not only entertains my son but always keeps the product hygienic and clean as they never touch any dirty surfaces.

i also love that the  teat is really soft which i liked and i knew it would be gentle on my sons tender gums.
My son seemed to like this cup which is a first as usually he struggles to take to anything other than a bottle and one of cup,i think its just the softness it reminds him of a teat even though its a differant shape.
The only thing i do wish it had was a set of handles momma does have cups with handles but unfortunatly this was not one of them but i wish it was as my son can hold his own bottle but tends to lose grip and drop them but with handles he would have a better grip while drinking.

  • Non-slip
  • Protection for surfaces
  • Space saving
  • Suitable for 4months+
  • Grows with your baby
The momma placemat is a must during busy mealtimes.nice and stable,giving protection to dinner table while a safe non slip place to put your momma plate,bowel,fork or spoon.

My thoughts:

Nice and slim great colour and very good at keeping the bowel/plate in place without slipping or sliding, the table directly under  my 2 year olds plate stayed nice and clean,around the mat was dirty though and as such i do wish it had been just a little bit larger.

My overall oppinion:

great eye catching designs, very clever styles, love the rocking motions and the deep plate
i will be looking towards getting some more products from their range my 4 year old wants a warm bowl like his younger brother and sister for dinner times so i think i may need to get to more to avoid any arguements.

Why not pop over to view the complete momma range on Amazon

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cornish Daisy Review and Giveaway

The lovely people over at Cornish Daisy have sent me one of their Dribble Bibs to review.

Cornish Daisy bibs were designed when the owner had her daughter back in 2008,to protect her beautiful handmade clothes firstly from baby sick and then her dribbles.
her daughter was 6 weeks early and as such it was very important to her that  they were soft and absorbent yet robust too.

Cornish Daisy

The one i received was the  Red wide stripe RRP: £5.99
Designed with folds of fabric around the chin to help with all the dribbles and at the same time keeping the neck clean and dry.
They use safe resin fasteners.
made from cotton(outer)and polyester(inner)
Suitable for 0-2 years

My thoughts:

I loved the colour and style it was indeed really soft with a great trim to the edges,no rough bits  like you can sometimes get.
my son managed to wear his Cornish Daisy Dribble bib for 3 hours of constant dribbling before the outside was soaked and needed changing- the underneath however was bone dry as was the bit under his neck-no rubbing or soreness as a result of a wet bib and that is a must for me.
after washing i put on the airer(not good enough weather for the washing line at the moment)
after a hour it was dry and ready to be reused.
i really like my bib even before i got this one to review i also have the springtime stripes and a lemon and white bib.

My son and his other Cornish Daisy Bibs:

You can buy a Cornish Daisy Dribble bib from the Cornish Daisy website and also from  Bump to baby and The Little  Cloth Nappy Company to name a couple.

You can also follow Cornish Daisy on facebook

Disclosure: i was not paid to do this review only to keep the product as a thank you for the time put into my review,all thoughts and opinions are my own.

And now onto the bit you have all been waiting for...... To win one for yourself,Cornish Daisy have given me 2 more Red wide stripe  Bibs for you to get your hands on thats 1 each for 2 winners!.
To have a chance of winning one of these great bibs just fill out the rafflecopter form below.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Toys naturally competition

I have recently tested and reviewed a lovely set of Wooden mini puzzles from Toys Naturally(why not read my full review)
And now one of you  you have the opportunity to win a set yourself :)
In order to win just fill out the rafflecopter below

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my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's