Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Heat Holders Review

Heat Holders Review.

Heat Holders, the warmest thermal socks in the world.
Heat Holders are thermal socks which possess a 2.34 tog rating and have been produced using a unique three-stage knitting process.over 6 million pairs  sold worldwide.

I have been given the opportunity to test a pair out for myself,here are my thoughts:

I was sent a pair of original Heat Holders in UK size 4-8 TOG 2.3.

The 1st thing that was brought to my attention was just how thick and soft they were especially the lining,i hate socks and especially ones with a wooly feel as they make me want to grit my teeth!.... i can happily say i never experianced that with these though. i suffer with cold feet all year round, the Heat Holders keep my feet nice n toasty n warm i could happily wear these 24-7.
And with our current weather i did on one occasion need to pop to the shops, rather than changing i just slipped my welly on, not only did my feet stay dry they were warm also, Though to get the utmost benefit for the wet weather i think i really must invest in a pair of  Heat Holders Ladies Wellington boot socks.

I love Heat Holders and not just by how warm they keep me but also how soft they are any the various designs and colours and designs they come in and plan on getting some more just just for me but also for my children.The only flaw i found was the amount of excess fluff at the top opening of the sock themselves which when gently washed started to come away slightly.

Here is a list of Heat Holders Stockists

You can check out the Heat Holders Website

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And Subscribe to Heat Holders on YouTube

Disclosure: i was not paid to do this review only to keep the product as a thank you for the time put into my review,all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bob the Baker yummy review

I recently won a Facebook competition with Bob the Baker to win a case of 12 yummy Cup Cakes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Bob the Baker:

A Bristol based husband and wife team,All cakes are freshly made to order for any occasion whether it be, Birthdays,Weddings,Anniversarys,Character,Charity Christening and many more...

you can choose pretty much anything your heart desires...I decided on some Spiderman themed ones for my sons 2nd birthday.

they posted a couple of days before the big day..They arrived packaged to within an inch of their life!!... I was Bob the Baker's tester dummy so to speak for posting cakes out :D

And so i opened the box to find...........Yummy scrummy cakes..all in perfect condition,ok the case itself was a little bashed but not a touch to the cakes .

And as for the taste on the big day...They received a massive thumbs up from me and al the kids from my son upto my 13 year old,you certainly cant stop at one,hehe.i particulary loved the moist vanilla sponge.

Bob the Baker i highly recommend you!

So go on over and check them out guys and dont forget to let them know how you came to hear of them :).

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CO Awareness Guest post

Today i have Viccy from Jelly Rose who is talking about CO Awareness.

"Now as we all know CO is a highly poisonous gas that you cannot smell,taste nor detect..."

To read more go and check out Viccy's post CO Awareness

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Qwertee Review

Qwertee Review.

Qwertee sell a new limited edition t.shirt every 24 hours at a incredible price of:
£8.00,Artists submit designs and fans/followers  vote for what they print,they ship everywhere in the world...cheaply!!.

I was sent 2 T.shirts to review.

upon opening i discovered that i had been sent a  blue Part of every world and a beige Le-Tigre Raye tee.

Both were really well packages and none of the T.shirts had any sign of damage.

Part of every world Tee:

She was longing to be a part of a differant world,and a strange man in a blue box appeared,offering to show her every world.

I love the colour,and even though im not much of a Doctor Who fan i am a massive Disney fan,The Little Mermaid being amoung my top faves!.

A bit more about this Tee:

By Khallion,She is from  a small town in Massachustts just north of Boston called Nahant.until a few years ago was a school art teacher now a full time artist.
lives with her husband and 2 small sons who they are raising to be well-versed in all of Gekkdom.She originally wanted to work for Disney as an animator,her work tends to reflect that.

She can be found at:

Le-Tigre Raye Tee:

Calvin and Hobbes mashup!.
I will be honest i have no idea of the origin of  this paticular one however i really like the design, and the tigre is just so darn cute :)

A bit more about this Tee:

By Arinesart,a graphic designer and superpowered fanboy.that loves pop culture,geeky things and their cat.

can be found at: 

I received my tees in a size medium which for me was a perfect fit, lovely shape, it clings to the bust and arms yet is looser and the waist. it is also really comfortable on the arms instead of pinching like some designs do.
Both are Ethically produced and made of 100% ringspun cotton.
I have worn and washed both of my Tees often and both have retained their shape with no rubbing off from the print.
Brilliant company with Quality products,dont just take my word for it try them out for yourself!

You can find Qwertee at: 

And dont forget every day you have a new chance to win and own a great Tee over on their Facebook page so dont miss out!!

Disclosure: i was not paid to do this review only to keep the product as a thank you for the time put into my review,all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

SugarPoke Review

SugarPoke someone today!

Whether you want to sugarpoke your happy birthday wishes,are looking for gifts for friends,send edible father's day gift's make a muffin or brownie delivery or just let someone know your thinking of them,sugarpoke is the way to go.

With just 4 very easy steps:

  1. Make your choice of yummy gift
  2. Choose your greeting's card design
  3. Tell us the message you want printing inside
  4. They then will  send it out 1st class delivery
(Every sugarpoke comes with a free exclusive greetings card,with your personalised message printed inside)

I had the great pleasure of getting to review for SugarPoke....a letterbox suprise...oooh i love suprise's.

2 days letter my parcel arrived in the slim brown box with the sugarpoke sticker logo on top,it fit perfectly through the letterbox which was great as i have lost count of the amount of stuff i have had damaged by the postman trying to force it through!

Upon opening, i found my little treats covered by lovely red tissue paper,pulling back i find...Fudge yes fudge....i absolutely love my fudge...also i received a bar of Tiffin...Onto the testing.

My treat was the Fudge me! Time for Tiffin!
RRP: £7.00

Time for Tiffin:

I have never heard of Tiffin let alone tried it so i went for this 1st... Honeycomb,biscuit,sultanas and chocolate on top sounds yummy right!?

Well it was! :D   i absolutely loved it though i only managed 3/4 as it got a little bit sickly(not because its not nice just very sweet) my partner on the other hand was not keen and the kids...they also loved it and between us nothing went to waste.

Fudge me:

OMG!! the fudge was heavenly i can honestly say i tried one and ran to hide with the rest...no one else got a look in...seriously...sooo creamy....7 pieces were not enough! ....... however for the price what you get is excellant value for money!

So go on over and check SugarPoke out for yourself You wont regret it!.


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