Friday, 31 July 2015

Butlins Holiday 2015

We recently went on holiday for 3 nights/4 days at Butlins/Bognor Regis,we don't drive so we traveled by train with 2 changes journey time totaling 3 1/2 hours....not too bad and luckily the taxi ride from the station to the resort only took about 5 minutes.

Upon arriving we went to check in,the Red Coats reps were very helpful and friendly,we received a welcome pack which included a what's on guide with a easy to follow map,our circus tickets that we pre-ordered online and also details on the breakfast and dinner times,where we will be eating and also where we will be staying along with the room card keys. We had 4 hours before we could go into our room so firstly we hit the hire room to get a bed guard so that Aaron aged 4 won't fall out of bed as he will be sharing with me,due to his special needs he normally uses a travel cot but due to his age this wasn't possible at Butlins which was fair enough. After this we left our luggage at Centre Stage so we could go and look around and take part. the first thing we did was get a drink,we had some rides and looked in the amusements ect...time flew before we knew it we could get our luggage and go to our rooms before dinner,the room was lovely bright and clean with a comfy sofa and a very smart looking toilet/shower room.
Breakfast and Dinner was an all you could eat buffet style set up which was great Especioally with Aaron as you can never tell what he will eat so it meant i could get him very small amounts of a variety of items,he actually ate pretty well which was lovely to see....he loved the chocolate mouse style cheesecake,and I think it was brilliant how I could ask for bread for him even though it wasn't out at dinner time.
There was lots to see and do,to much to mention but some of the ones we took part in included:

  1. Amusements
  2. indoor tots funfair
  3. outside funfair
  4. circus(sadly couldn't take pictures but this was a highlight for us)
  5. billy's fairytale festival
  6. mike the knight
  7. puppet castle-various performances
  8. Barney
  9. Billy and bonnie's story time+  wake up work out
  10. silent cinema experience watching big hero 6-never seen before but it was really good
  11. The Ragdolls(music of franki valli and the four seasons-one of my favourites-I even brought a signed CD afterwards
  12. Dino babies 3D at the Discovery Studio-kids loved this one even though Aaron didn't want to wear the glasses
  13. Skyline gang
  14. Fireman Sam
  15. Angelina Ballerina
  16. Scooby Doo-one of our faves-we all love Scooby!!
  17. Freddie-live music show-absolutely brilliant!!
  18. Titan The Robot-omg this was amazing we had to watch it a second time just to get better seats!!
  19. This is us,celebrating the music of One Direction
  20. And lastly live music with Platform 6-Another fantastic performance
As you can see we fit so much stuff into 3 days-there are lot's of shops/places to eat too- to try everything you definitely need to stay for a week...we had a to save to hopefully come back again soon!

Thinking of planning a Butlins break? You wont regret it.....Here are our pictures from our time spent here...all 300 odd of them!!

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's