Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Keep Me Going Breakfast Cereal Review

We have been lucky enough top receive some Keep Me Going Breakfast Cereal to try out and give our honest opinions on,Designed by a new company,it is the first of their Keep Me range...The idea?....To develop  healthy nutritional products with functional benefits such as (Low Gi) they also wantit to be as competitively priced as brands from Kelloggs and Nestle.

Keep Me Going has 8 times less salt,60% less Sugar,twice the fibre and a low Gi.The Gi testing was conducted by Hammersmith Hospital and involved around a dozen volunteers having their blood-sugar levels checked at regular intervals after eating the cereal over a 2 week period.

Our Thoughts:

I love trying out new foods,Cereals are no exception even more so if they just so happen to be healthier and in regards to our kids-giving them less sugar so I was excited for us to all try this new cereal on the market,Inside each pack comes a pack of trading cards I haven't had a chance to see what they are of as my son snatched them away before I had a chance to look but I do know they are on his window seal along with his other collectibles so clearly he likes them. there is a hidden code on the top flap,once cracked you can go on to a off-menu page on the Keep Me Going website,another code opens up a new page in my sons words hes like a Spy Kid.

On to the cereal itself:

Firstly the kids,they tried it by itself but wasn't too keen however they loved it when they mixed it with multi grain hoops,I love it with milk and a tiny sprinkle of sweetener or even better Natural yogurt and chopped Strawberries and Bananas...Nom Nom!
Sadly Daddy didn't like it whichever way he tried it but then hes not a big cereal fan generally.

I certainly think people should give it a try we love it here!

You can currently buy it from Ocado,if you don't shop there normally please don't let that put you off as  they are offering £20 off your first shop + free mid week deliveries for a year...and if that's not enough as a couponer I am always coming across coupons that you can use against your shopping to reduce the cost,So if this appeals to you then just use this Ocado voucher to get you started.

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  1. I'm not a huge cereal fan and don't have milk with cereal so I tend to eat crunchy nut, maybe with some honey and nuts added I could be swayed :)

  2. These look fab - never seen them yet but will be on the lookout now - thanks for sharing! :) x


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