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Halos N Horns Review

Halos N Horns

Back in 2005 Leila Wilcox(Halo's Super Mum)decided to try and cut out a host of chemicals from her son Troy's bath time routine.This was after she found that her sons skin would turn red and blotchy after his bath and sometimes flared up with eczema.
Super mum Leila turned into a skincare detective and after researching products on the internet and talking to other mums about what soothed their babies skin,she had rounded up a list of baddies,she set up about cutting out these baddie chemicals and found her sons skin cleared up,all clear and soft and no rough or dry patch in sight.Leila struggled to find products that didnt contain the baddies and that is where Halos N Horns came about.....

Halos N Horns Review

I received to test and review:
  • Halos N Horns baby bath £3.65
  •  kids berry burst shampoo and detangler £2.75
  •  kids zingy orange hair and body wash. £3.05

I'm always dubious of trying new products myself let alone on the kiddies both my and our two sons have eczema  and  we struggle to find products that don't cause a reaction.

Our Thoughts after trying

Love the cute design...and love how they smell even more especially the Zingy Orange body wash,I found the baby bath hard to get foamy I'm not sure if that is down to the product or the fact we are in a hard water area..or maybe even a combination of the two. I love how the kids,our boys especially didn't get any eczema flair up's,red blotchy skin or any side effects if anything their skin seems to be brighter and softer than it was before,I love these products so much that I have brought more ready for when we run out from our local Asda.

Highly recommend Halos N Horns to everyone with children. Don't forget to check out the Halos N Horns Website, and don't forget to check out their free download guides.

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