Monday, 29 August 2011

design a sock monkey

my kids are always complaining their bored  and so my bf brought each of them a make your own sock monkey.
it came with everything you need so no need to go out to buy anything extra.we had extra buttons that i collect from old clothing for occasions like this,they used some of these to put their own stamp on their monkeys.
my daughters and partner then went on to look at their very easy user Manuel .within minutes they got started.

my partner done the stitching as the thread was very thick and kept getting knotted up.....the only real downside to this product :(
my daughters done the filling eyes and finishing touches.

all in all my daughters loved making these as they do with most creative stuff,they took over 2 hours to do though so about an hour each which is not too bad just a while if doing more than one so bear this in mind lol.
i brought this from hawkins bazzar for £6.00 each and they were deffo worth the money

my girls with their finished sock monkeys

Thursday, 25 August 2011

lookie what the postie brought me to review :P

3 gorgous funky giraffe bibs and some lovely soap and  antibacterial handwash from bubble and balm.
will test over next 3 days then will post my review so keep your eyes peeled.   x

the wonderful world of quackquackmoo.

a fantastic online shop featuring a whole range of fantastic and quirky products from bibs to lunch box sets.
ranging from birth to 4 years of age.
they are even finalists in the practical parenting and pregnancy awards 2011/12...(my fave mummy mag too i might add.and my little uns should be featuring in the october issue...cant wait!!)  :)

now onto the products i absolutely love the look of their tie bibs in paticular because the have a little tab to secure babys dummy too a must for any parent.they also say thier made from organic bamboo cotton toweling so would i imagine by the looks of it be lovely and soft for a young babys skin!.

ive also got to say i think thier idea of a lap bib is brilliant ive never seen anything like it before and i for 1 would love to buy 1 of these 1 im working again for my 4 yr old autistic son if nothing else as he is a extremley messy eater. lol.
i also think thier mattress protectors look great again im thinking for my son as hes still not dry at night and his protector sheet leaks through so is no good whatsoever!their 1 however has elasticated straps however would at least help to hold it in place.
now if your looking for a gift why not try their maxi gift sets i absolutely love them  you get a hooded blanket,a dribble bib and a shoulder chuck  all for £34.99!.
you can even buy a protector gift set to help with the little accident in bed,buggys and highchairs.
and such cute little lunch sets are available too whether for playschool,reception years or even carrying weaning essentials this is a must for you.

to check out more or to buy why not check thier website page over at
or thier facebook page over at  and let them know sarah clegg sent you from her blog x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

my style craft,clay bead jewellery,part 2

my daughters aged 10 and 11 both started by doing project 1,to be honest after 1 quick glance at the pages we managed to get started as it had very easy to read instructions and diagrams.this is the 1st create your own anything let alone jewellery(which they are obsessed with atm)that they have ever done and so they were really excited to be doing it.
whilst project 1 was baking they started on project 4.....yes 4!!,they insisted on moving up as they just adore necklaces lol.they done everything themself only really needing guidance here and there such as cutting right sizes for the you can c they loved it....
my girls had a blast making these,fantastic  way to spend a rainy day.bear in mind this took us over 2 hours to do so make sure you have the time would be a shame to have to up and leave as this is a fab product!!.

heres my girls with thier finished products

my 2 both say they are ace mum! and have put them down on thier xmas list to do some more.
so absolutely a hit with them.
you can buy my style craft from argos and amazon from between £10-£15 pounds and trust me its worth every penny.the only gripe i had was coming with just 4 toothpicks when u make roughly 7 balls however this wont be a problem for most just i didnt have any more at home lol.

from me and my kids we have given this product a 10/10

to get more info from this excellent range or to buy please visit   my style craft

my style craft review

my style craft,clay bead jewellery.part 1.

this product is from a new range for teen and tween girls called my style craft.  what they say:  these fresh,funky and fashionable craft kits are a great activity for weekends or holidays  and help develop design skills.more importantly they give style-conscious girls the chance to make jewellery they will actually wear!!.

i received the my style craft craft,clay bead jewellery gift set free to review .i didnt get paid to do it but did however get to keep the product for free.heres what i thought:

my review arrived in a bubble wrapped manilla envelope...i love this form of mailing as i have found it protects the products better.on removal  the first thing that caught my eye was the bold vibrant colours and design on the box before id even had a chance to open the box my 2 girls who helped me to review were raring to get started!!.i opened the box and removed the contents,inside was some info on the product and a users manuel.
the pieces came in 2 seperate boxes the clay in 1 and the beads,string and attachments in another.i thought this as a fantastic idea as even when you have used this all up you can still use the boxes to safely keep the finished articals in.

the contens of the boxes were as follows:

5 pieces of polymer clay
7 different colours of seed beads
30 jumprings
4 clasps
8 cord ends(clamshell clasps)
6 ear wires
2m x 26 of gauge wire
2m of plastic stretch cord
2m of black cord
4 toothpicks

open opening the user manual it had a lovely introduction on what you can make and do and if you follow the book 1 stage at the time you can understand more about the skills required for each task.
it also explains how to colour mix and how to get marbled effects.
It then goes on to tell you how to condition and soften the clay ready for use.baking temperature and length of  time to bake for,in this instance it was for about 15 mins at 130oc. 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

koeka venice baby towel

free to review by mummy news
 i didnt get paid to review it but i did however get to keep it for free :) heres what i thought:

I reviewed the bath towel on my 6 week old son and we've currently been using it for about 2 weeks. It arrived in a big strong manilla envelope, the towel itself was in a plastic packaged bag it was in great condition and as such the packaging did it's job and protected the product marvellously!!
When I pulled the towel out I was amazed by how soft it was just right for a young baby's delicate skin. The colour and design was great and I couldnt wait to use it.
That night I tried it for the very 1st time. Whilst my partner washed my son I laid it out ready to use, I did look at the instruction sheet (great if your a 1st time mum), however being my 5th it was extremly easy to figure out as I had used the ones with the hood and so before the rest was easy to figure. I laid my son on it (he was screaming at this point as although he loves his bathes he hates getting out and getting cold!) Covered his head, toweled him down put his nappy on then tucked in his feet and wrapped him up. I have to say normally he moans and wriggles till he is dressed however with this towel he seemed content to be snuggled so much so I gave him his breastfeed whilststill wrapped in it. By the end he was asleep whilst I got him dressed and apart from 2 occasions it has been that way every time... he obviously loves it.
The positives about this product:
  • Gorgeous colour
  • Great looking
  • So very soft
The negatives:
  • The only thing I found was the head cover part was a little on the small side (it fit but slipped off frequently).
Overall I absolutely love this product, I am washing and using it daily... it is fab!!
I have already told some mummy friends who have said they are going to check into them and as for me ive been looking at their site to what else they sell!!
A fabulous 9/10 from us!
 it sells for £19.95 
angel living

baby eureka,baby's essential daily log book

baby eureka,baby's essential daily log book recieved the baby log book free to review by mummyzwordz
 i didnt get paid to review it but i did however get to keep it for free :) heres what i thought:

I reviewed this product for baby eureka  for my newborn son.
The book was beautifully wrapped in red tissue paper with a glittery gold ribbon around it. The first thing that caught my eye was the colourful front page,and talk about cute!! The picture with the baby on the front was adorable. It tells you on the front cover page that it records your babys growth and development, feeding, nappies, medication and appointments and sure enough thats exactly what it does. It was so easy to use with very clear notes explaining how to fill at the beginning. The first page in is great as it gives you a spaces for baby's name and who to contact if book is lost, also doctors details and if your baby has a diagnosis of anything you can put what and when and who did the diagnosis.
If you go on thier website it shows the book coming soon however there is an option to order it.
The positives: gorgous and cute product design. Great layout as you can put times you fed and which side(if breastfeeding)you did last and for how long, which is great if like me you get really baby brained and forget. This also helps the heath visitor as they always tend to ask hows the feeding going and new parents always worry if their babys getting enough.
The negatives:  its not really a negative more of personal feedback which is that it would of been nice to have a page relating to babys 1sts(first tooth,smile,crawl ect) aswell as birth weight and time ect. Then as well as being a fab new baby present it would also make a great keep sake for when baby is older.
I will recommend as it would give a lot of reassurance to new parents as to feeding,nappies(not forgetting doc appointments ect).
Its got a great 9/10 from me
 visit thier site for more info and to buy:

pop party presents school of pop cd recieved the pop party presents school of pop cd free to review by mummyzwordz
 i didnt get paid to review it but i did however get to keep it for free :) heres what i thought:

“School Of Pop features top ten tunes from all your favourite poptastic acts including X Factor heartthrobs JLS, and Lady Gaga, America’s youngest pop starlets Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus and the current queens of pop Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna.”

Myself and my 2 daughters aged 10 and 11 helped me to do this review. We loved the design on the CD showing some of the artists, my daughters in particular loved this as they knew without reading the back some of their favourite artists were on the CD. My daughters and myself only really like pop music so this really hit the spot, exactly as the title on CD suggests, we have played it at least 20 times so far as it has fantastic songs to listen to. The RRP can vary depending where you buy it from 8.99-12.99. I always shop around for the best deal going however would happily pay 12.99 for it.
The positives of this product: it is a great design, fantastic mix of artists and I can honestly say I can’t fault this product in any way. A++++ I was considering buying this before reviewing and definitely would of had I known how great it would of been. It went down a hit with my 2 girls, even my 18 month old got down and boogied to a few songs I will absolutely recommend to my friends, it’s got a resounding 10/10 from all 3 of  us!!

teething bling review

teething bling review recieved the teething bling gift set free to review by mummyzwordz
 i didnt get paid to review it but i did however get to keep it for free :) heres what i thought:

“I absolutely loved the little netted gift bag it made you think the person who put it together really put thought and effort into it. Then once id removed ribbon and taken the necklace and bangle out I thought wow!! I loved the colour and design exactly what I would of picked out myself. i loved the style and the pendant and bracelet were very strong yet flexible also the length of the necklace was just right as normally they’re too short and feel like they’re too restricting. At 1st I was worried plastic clasp at back wouldn’t be strong enough to withhold by daughters tugging especially as she’s 17 months but to be honest it has and it hasn’t loosened or given way in the slightest. Defiantly good value for money at £12.50 I will buy again once my son is born so I have a different design/colour to give me option to match with any outfits. The quality is extremely good, tough, durable and flexible so not too touch for a baby’s sensitive gums.
I would absolutely recommend to friends with teething babies or just young children who like to pull and tug jewellery!!
It was like receiving a real pampered gift, gorgeous and pricey looking, A must have for any mum or mum to be.
A great 10/10”

for more info or to make a purchase visit :

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's