Friday, 29 January 2016

Pirates Of The Pavilion

We went to watch Pirates Of The Pavilion at Weymouth Pavilion.

we joined Becky,Seadog Billy,Captain Filibuster,Magic Melody and our favourite Morgiana.lots of  swash buckling fun,wet and messy fun(for me anyway) It was very entertaining, we especially loved   Morgiana,the kids were in stitches during some parts,it even kept Ethan and Aaron both entertained and in their seats not an easy task with both of them having Autism.we were also very fortunate to meet some of the cast ...they have since been begging to come back to another show!!

Butlins Memories

I just came across an album with pictures from me and my 2 oldest daughters first visit to Butlin's Bognor Regis resort back in 2006 this was before I had my youngest 3 children, Carla and Rachel are now 15 and 16. I remember not being sure if my daughters,godparent or myself was more excited, we went late march for around £330 for the 4 of us which was great value for money in a sliver room and meals included. We had a blast which is why we have been recently are the pictures i have found:

Rachel is 15

Our daughter has just turned more year till her sweet 16th!!

She has changed so much since she was a baby,though one thing that has never changed is how loud she is!! Wishing Rachel a very happy birthday!!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Jen's Baby Shower

Today we went along to my fabulous friend Jennifer's baby shower all organised by her equally lovely friend Laura,she got decorations,balloons and even a buffet sorted all within such a sort space of about wonder woman!

Everyone had a blast it was great to catch up and was lovely to see all the kiddies having so much fun together too,A great Baby shower for a fantastic friend and even more awesome mum/mum to be.....

Here are some pictures I took from the day..

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's