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The Miracle Box Giveaway

The Miracle Box

The place to go for practical and innovative lifestyle parenting products!
Some of the things The Miracle Box sell are:

  • Buggy clips
  • Saddle bags
  • Change mats
  • Changing bags
  • Miracle Tens 
  • Toddler backpacks
My personal favorite items are the buggy parent organiser,the chic waxed cotton changing bag and the duct taped wallets especially the batman,star wars and super girl one.

The miracle Bag has kindly offered one winner the choice of one of these fantastic prizes:

Prize option #1:

The Miracle Ball complete birth ball packaged valued at £29.99


Prize option #2:

Baby changing wallet and matching thermal bottle holder valued at £28.99


Prize option #3:

Secure buggy lock,buggy lights and buggy saddle  bag valued at £25.97

In order of standing a chance of winning all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below...Good Luck everyone, and may the odds be ever  in your favor.

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Solar Eclipse

We saw the Solar Eclipse how about you? feel free to post your pictures in the comments below :)

Gousto Review


Gousto was started in 2011 by two friends who share a passion for food and cooking,both Timo and James loved cooking but didn't have much time to go looking in various grocery shops-they found it difficult  to cook recipes from online sites or follow along cooking shows.One day Timo and James decided that there must be some way to make life easier and the idea Gousto was born,they started by sharing their first recipes at market stalls and from there the concept has grown into what you know it as today.

Gousto Review

Gousto,one box with everything you need to make delicious meals,no need to pop to the shop to grab ingredients,no need to measure things out as it is all handpicked and measured for you

As a family of 7 we always struggle to find healthy yet nutritious meals that everyone will enjoy,we have recently started to meal plan so when we saw Gousto we thought that looks like a swell idea not to mention the meals themselves look good!

Gousto very kindly sent us a box with ingredients handpicked specifically to make 3 delicious meals.The box arrived very promptly with everything  well packaged and wrapped in wool insulation along with added ice packs to help keep everything fresh. we had recipe cards with instructions step by step on how to cook the meal on the back and a picture of the finished meal and ingredients needed on the front. I liked how all the packets were labelled as being a newbie at cooking I would of really struggled knowing what was what without it so this along gets a + from me.

The Meals Themselves.

I love the cards and the images and the fact that it's step by step I did however go wrong on a few occasions as I got lost on when exactly to put things on or off so some bits cooked faster than others,I managed to save it by lowering the temperature while waiting for the rest to finish cooking however I do feel that timings need to be clearer for example if you have to cook the first item for 10 minutes before adding the next maybe during this time prepare but state 10  minutes till it goes on.

The prices of a Gousto box is £34.99 for 2 people or £49.99 for 4 people they also have  a introductory discount of £15.00 off the RRP prices and you get to pick the meals you want. To be honest the cost of the boxes is my biggest problem with Gousto purely as even though I loved the meals and how fresh all the ingredients was and the fact they are especially handpicked and measured out to the right size I know for a fact I could never afford them even with £15.00 off.If I could afford it though then it is definitely something I would do  as I would love the extra stress and strain from the extra shopping and measuring off not to mention when you normally buy ingredients for a set meal there is always something not in stock and if like me you don't drive then that is really not a good thing!

We really liked the meals however our favorite by far had to be the Steak & Creamy Leek Mash. We cant wait to cook this one again!

Final thoughts:

  • Gousto is a great idea,especially good for those that are short on time and with enough money to splurge n the luxury of getting your meals picked for you.
  • fresh food delivered straight to your door
  • really well packaged
  • needs clearer step by step instructions,timings in paticular

Mothers Day

Again I was well and truly spoilt, I got Batgirl pj's,a Frozen T.Shirt,a Batgirl build a bear with an extra outfit,flowers,choc,cards and a CD :D Hope everyone also had a fantastic day!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Working together to help Lily-mai #Lilyswish

Hi there I am writing this post on behalf of my lovely friend Liz and her children Lily 3,Blake 10 and Chloe 14.

On 15th July 2014 their life's changed drastically after Lily fell and bumped her head she was very sleepy and began to vomit which resulted in her mum calling 111 who sent out an ambulance,after being rushed to hospital and having a CT scan to rule out any bleeds on the brain they found a brain tumor.Since this Lily has had surgery to remove the tumor and put on an intensive course of chemotherapy.The brain tumor Lily has is called MEDULLOBLASTOMA. Lily has had weekly blood draws,a permanent shunt put in to help keep the fluid building up on her brain and a Hickman line put in for treatment.Lily has spent the months since being diagnosed in and out of hospital and sadly upon having her last results her mum and dad were told some bad news,her tumor has grown and spread and isn't responding to chemotherapy sadly meaning her chances of survival are now non existent. Radiotherapy is out of the question as Lily is too fragile for it without treatment this means that Lily has just months to live or with a low dose of chemotherapy to maintain it she may have 12-18 months(if shes lucky).

How can you help?

Myself and the rest of our May 2011 mummies have joined forces to help Lily and her family by re-tweeting #lilyswish on twitter we have already arranged for a photographer to take some lovely images that they can treasure always and  we are are now trying to put together a little hamper of goodies to surprise Lily,her mum Liz and dad and her siblings Chloe and Blake. we are very open minded our goal is for them to know we are all thinking of them at this time and are with them every step of the way we are looking for brands/companies/pr's/bloggers generally anyone willing and wanting to help in any way with a donation of any kind,examples include:

  • smellies
  • cinema vouchers
  • days out tickets
  • maybe tickets to see a show
  • clothing/high street vouchers
  • toys
  • hair products
  • gaming products
  • anything personalized to help remember Lily
  • supermarket vouchers
Anything we are open to to make their life even just a little bit easier and hopefully help in having and creating some fun,loving family memories. we have a 4 week deadline which started as of 15th march -15th April to receive donations you can still donate after this period but you must send directly to Liz as a surprise treat instead. xx

What will I do for you?

I will be putting together a blog post of anyone that gets involved,I will ask you for a image of what you are donating that I can add to the blog post along with a link to your website/blog ect and also a message from you for Lily and her family.Our friend Leanne who is also a fellow May 2011 mummy who all donated gifts will be sent to will be getting a basket or box and decorating it before filling with the donated goodies and hand delivering it to surprise the whole family. She will also take a few photo's that I can use on my blog and on Facebook and Twitter to thank each and everyone of you.

If you would like to get involved please leave me your contact email in the comments below or contact me directly using the information on the bottom of my me and my family and how to contact me tab above.

Also don't forget to follow Lily's progress on her Facebook page Lily's Cancer Journey. BUT DON'T LET ON ABOUT THIS,ITS A SECRET SURPRISE REMEMBER! ;)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Comic Relief/Red Nose Day

It's time for Comic relief,time to face the funny!

We opted to paint our noses this year instead of buy the squishy noses purely as we are full of colds,on top of this we brought tops and accessories.
Here is us taking part have you decided to take part too?

P.S  Don't forget to donate!

Little beau chic Giveaway

Little beau chic the family run  place to go if you want to find very cute outfits and accessories, they hold a limited amount of stock so you will be rest assured that your child can go out/have a play date or party ect in the knowledge that there wont be at least 2 or 3 children with the exact same outfit.with constant new additions to the website be sure to keep checking and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter and follow their blog!

Items ranges include:

  • baby boys,girls and unisex clothing for ages 0-18 months
  • girls clothing for ages 2-8 years
  • boys clothing for ages 2-8 years
  • And a range of accessories including bibs,hats,sunglasses,socks,tights and booties.
Here are just a few examples of lush Spring products they sell!

Little beau chic have very kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win a £20 voucher to spend on their range online,there is so much to choose from and they currently have a sale so why not go and check them out while you wait to see if you are the lucky winner.

In order to stand a chance of winning just fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ella's Kitchen Snacking Range Review.

Ella's Kitchen Snacks Review.

Recently we heard about Ella's Kitchens new snacking son has always loved their range so when we was accepted to try some we couldn't wait!

We received a large box included was:

  • Tomatoes & Basil nibbles
  • Raspberries & Bananas nibbles
  • Raisins & Spelt cookies
  • Oat & Spelt cookies
  • Chicken Casserole pouch
  • Carrots & Lentils mutigrain sticks
  • Thai Curry pouch
  • Cheddar & Leeks multigrain wheels
plus more!

My son loved the nibbles in both flavors and the cookies,he especially loved the Raisin & Spelt cookies he pretty much went through half a bag in one sitting!
I will be honest he didn't take to either of the pouches,I do feel this is more down to the texture though with him having special needs hes really sensitive about smells and textures the Thai curry I think was more down to the smell he literally wouldn't even try it and the Chicken Casserole he had one mouthful but refused any more. The Cheddar & Leek wheels were a massive hit not only with my son but also with his sister and brother too! they even took some nibbles in their packed lunch along with raisins and bread sticks(At their request I shall add)

The Ella's Kitchen was thoroughly enjoyed by all and I will most certainly keep buying my kids favorites whenever we do our weekly shop and even better we won a Stand up for snacks competition so now have a bigger supply of Ella's Kitchen Snacks, Win!

Go grab some now and join in the Ella's Kitchen Snacking Craze!

Show your mum you care with a helping hand from Made With Love.

Made with love Designs is an online boutique and design studio in the UK making personalized greeting cards,wedding and events stationary,Interiors products and gifts.All unique and sourced from around the world.

So Mothers day is around the corner and its that time where we look to buy gifts and cards and if you are like me then you like to have something that's that little bit different which is where Made With Love comes in.

I was sent the Alice In Wonderland mothers day card priced at £4.50
The first thing I noticed besides the pure beauty of the design was the great quality card being used,certainly not your normal cheap shop brought quality,I loved the red polka dot ribbon which for me really makes this card stand out as well as the shiny gloss on the card itself.On the inside of the card itself it is left blank so you can put your own message however you can also opt to have a message put inside the card for an extra £2,00 also you have two options of card itself you can either have the card with a red envelope for £4.50 or you can get the card inside a white box with a plain red ribbon for £7.00,the cards can then either be sent to you so you can hand deliver your card or sent directly to the recipient.

You can order Mothers Day Cards until noon on Friday 13th march ready to be received before Mothers Day.

Made With Love is well worth a visit so why not use Mothers Day as the perfect excuse to get treating!

Made With Love Designs LTD on Facebook

InfaCare Baby Bath Review

InfaCare is ultra-mild and PH balanced with masses of long-lasting bubbles,which makes it very popular at baby's bath time,and as a little goes a long way mummies love it too!

I was recently sent two sample bottles of InfaCare to test and review on my son we received the baby bath's one being the night time baby bath. I have just finished the bottles and even though they were only samples I am really impressed with how long they have lasted not only that but you only need a little bit to create alot of bubbles in the bath which is great as my son loves bubble baths.On top of this I think that the fact that it is very mild is brilliant as my son has eczema and I have noticed that even though my sons eczema will never be actually cured it has been a lot calmer,less rashy and on top of that my son has been scratching a lot less.One other fantastic thing I have found is that with the night time baby bath my son has become very sleepy afterwards which is brilliant for his bedtime routine!

You can buy InfaCare products from:

  • Asda
  • Boots
  • The Co-Operative
  • Lloyds pharmacy
  • Morrisons
  • Sainsbury's
  • Tesco
  • Wilkinson
Plus from Amazon,Ebay and Major stores websites.

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's