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Natural Amber Review

Signs of teething.

  • red cheeks
  • dribbling
  • chewing things including toys,clothing,hands
  • grizzling
  • temperature
  • restlessness
  • swollen gums
  • not sleeping properly
  • not eating
  • rubbing face
Over the years I have tried many things to try to ease our sons pain some have worked,some didn't however not many have had much effect as our son has gotten older,these included:

  • frozen carrots and bananas
  • Nelsons teething granules
  • Detinox and bonjela
  • teething bling and gumigem
  • sophie the giraffe
  • lots of differant teething toys and ones with gel that you put in the fridge

I think you get the idea, as parents Teething it's one of those times a parent dreads,after all who likes to see their baby/toddler in pain,I know I don't and with our son Aaron even more so,Aaron has global development delay and as many people ask what is it....the clue is in the name he is delayed in all areas,he didn't walk until he was 3 1/2,he now parrot talks and is undergoing assessment for Autism and another of his delay's is his teething he has been teething since he was 3 months old and he still has a few to come through,our dentist isn't worried just said it will be more painful as the gums get harder as you grow,so you can imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity by Natural Amber to receive and let my son test out one of their gorgeous looking Baltic amber teething necklaces.

Natural Amber

Natural amber provide only the finest Baltic amber teething necklaces,bracelets and anklets from the Baltic region of northern Europe,they only use AAA class jewellery grade raw amber and don't use plastic,reconstructed or melted amber.

Baltic amber teething necklaces

  • prices start at just £13.99
  • every bead is individually knotted
  • has an easy yet secure twist n screw clasp.
  • Also available to buy are anklets £9.99 each and bracelets £9.99 each

The Baltic region is known as the home of amber,because it has the largest deposits of amber in the world which is known as Baltic amber.

Our Thoughts:

Aaron has been using the necklace for a couple of weeks now,we love it and so does he,at first he didn't want me to put it on him I think he was worried what I was trying to do but once it was on he was fine and just carried on like normal,on the outset it it a gorgeous necklace,love the colour of it, I have heard the more amber you wear the more your body absorbs and therefore the more you will notice a difference,I'm not sure how true that is or how much I believe it but I am considering buying a bracelet for Aaron to team with it. Now doe it work? I'm sure some will disagree with me but in my opinion it does,now I'm basing this on the knowledge of what our son is normally like,he is still teething constantly and i know this from his flushed cheeks and the fact he keeps chewing his fingers,however the way he is different is that he isn't being grouchy,crying or being clingy,he's also sleeping I do remove his necklace when he goes to bed but i tend to leave it on till he starts snoozing but only as myself or my partner or sat with him the whole time,we would never leave him unattended whilst wearing the necklace,he has been sleeping right through once asleep,on a few bad days he has woken grizzly from his teeth but after an hour if that of putting the necklace on along with a few mummy cuddles he has brightened up and carried on like normal. It really has been a lifesaver or should I say a ear saver!

Lastly I love the length of the necklace,It's short enough I don't need to worry about it becoming a strangulation risk.and did I mention just how beautiful it is...don't believe me take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.


  1. This is something that I'm not sure many mothers know about - I'm going to share this with my Mummy blogger friends! Lovely photos as well by the way.

    Lottie xx

  2. Oh nice! I could've done with one of these when my wisdom teeth were coming through recently :p ps, Aaron is super cute! x

    Stephanie |


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