Sunday, 30 October 2011

8 weeks till xmas

                                        8 Weeks till Xmas!!

Not long to go at all and so my kids have written up their xmas wish lists,with the oldest helping with ideas for the youngest's lists :).

My oldest carla would love:

  • a nintendo 3ds or dsi
  • a mobile phone(pay as you go)
  • a laptop
  • a camera
  • jewelry
  •  clothes
  • a scooter
  • anything creative to make/design
  • gift vouchers
  • small hair straightners set

Rachel would love:

  • a nintendo 3ds or dsi
  • a mobile phone(pay as you go)
  • a laptop
  • a camera
  • clothes
  • a scooter
  • a hair dryer
  • make up
  • jewelry
  • gift vouchers

Ethan would love:

  • anything from the WOW toys range
  • any action figures
  • anything from thomas
  • anything from cars
  • anything from chuggington
  • anything from postman pat
  • anything from fireman sam
  • anything from le toy van
  • anything from roary
  • and anything from waybaloo

Alisha would love anything from the following:

  • a playhouse
  • dressing up costumes and accessories
  • any thing from WOW toys
  • anything from le toy van
  • a dollys pushchair
  • a cooker
  • anything from peppa pig
  • anything from disney princess range
  • anything from waybaloo
  • a play hoover 

For Aaron i would love him to have:

  • a smart trike
  • a fisherprice rainforest jumperoo or similar 
  • a little tikes rock n scoot zebra
  • fisher price amazing animals sing n go choo choo
  • fisher prize electronic learning activity table
  • fisher price learning lantern
  • fisher price sing along baby star stage
  • fisher price laugh and learn kitchen
  • fisher price laugh and learn tool bag
  • leapfrog animals with appy

Here's hoping i can win just 1 or even better 1 from each of their lists that would really help me out for xmas :)

So my are my kids too fussy or just the normal? what do your kids want this xmas? why not tell me below even better why not write your kids own lists up for me to read too :)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

dry like me review

                         Dry like me review.

I was sent over a pack of Dry like me Toilet training pads to test and review by the lovely people at drylikeme.

              A bit more information:

Dry like me toilet training pads was created by 2 mums who experianced the stress of toilet training,
Dry like me are disposable toilet training pads that fit into a childs normal underwear.
They are designed to capture small accidents and help children and parents manage the stress and mess of toilet training.
They are small and very discreet for older children who have accidents or just to help give confidance to kids when starting nursery or school as they help give them extra confidence and protection.

Dry like me pads have been specially designed for children,with the best shape,size and structure to catch both liquids and solids,They are also designed to be comfortable to wear and use.Independant research* have found them an effective toilet training tool,and in trials they reduced the number of accidents children had by up to 43%within 1 week.They gave parents and children confidence to go out and about while toilet training and reduced stress.The research also found that children loved wearing their own 'big boy' or 'big girl' pants.

Dry like me have just won awards from practical parenting magazine,practical pre-school magazine and the babyworld website.They are also endorsed by the childrens charity,ERIC.

you can buy these from supermarkets like Asda,Morrisons,Sainsburys and Wilkinsons.They cost around £3.49 for a pack of 18.

What i thought:

I received a pack of dry like me toilet training pads through the post.They came in a manila envelope as you can see from the pic the packaging was falling apart(not dry like me's fault though)i saw my postie trying like mad to get it in my letter box!!   what he was thinking when the packages was over double the size i do not know.But anyway if not for that they would of been absolutely fine :).

Upon removing a pad from the box i was surprised by how slim it was.i was expecting something bulky similar to a nappy only smaller!.

So these really surprised me i loved the shape to them too.
It also came with easy read instructions too,and in case you lose these it shows you how to use on the back of the pad.

Now my son is 4 so i doubled these up by simply peeling off the sticky paper covering the pad and pressed firmly into his pants with the widest part facing both in front and behind with edges meeting and slightly overlapping.(i done this to try at night time.

The results he didn't wake in the night which is normal for him(if we wake him he never goes back to sleep so for us this is not an option).day 1 and 2 he only had a lil pee and the pads caught and absorbed it wonderfully keeping him dry.however day 3 he went more than once and did a poo so  by morning he was covered(it does on packaging state it cant hold full wees or poos just gives added protection and time to get to the toilet t change i just tried this out for good measure :).

During the daytime he does not need to use these he does however when out and about as gives me at most 2 minutes warning and as we arrive at the toilet hes started going however we make it to finish while the pads caught the beginning brilliantly resulting in dry clothes which for us is a fantastic result.

I love the dry nights and will continue using for as long as needed and will recommend to friends going through similer issues :)

To check more info on dry like me  click here

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Win £500 worth of Baby Goodies.

I have been given lots of fantastic products to review by BlogMatch and have now been given the oppurtunity to share with you a new competition being run by Infacol.

                 Win £500 worth of Baby Goodies.

            Infacol,the uk's leading colic relief treatment,is offering one lucky person the
                  chance to win £500 worth of baby goodies and raising awareness
            of colic in the process.           

                   Infacol's new social media pages officially launched on 3rd october                                         
            2011(Facebook/Twitter/Blog/Youtube)and together,are dedicated to creating the ultimate parenting and baby wellbeing social community where you can learn,share tips and advice and get updated on all things relating to the wellbeing of your new addition-with a focus on colic of course.

To celebrate the launch of this new initiative,Infacol are running a sweepstake competition on their facebook page(,the prize being approximately £500 worth of baby related goods.

Competition Details:

It's simple-Just 'like' the new facebook page(,then answer 3 colic related questions correctly and follow the instructions to enter the contest-one lucky winner will be picked to win the prize on 2/11/11.

Competition start date: 3/10/11

Competition finnish date: 1/11/11

The prize: The goody bag contains an exciting range of premium brand unisex baby related goods,ideal for a newborn.The actual contents of the goody bag remain a secret but the total value is equivalent to £500 of goods(RRP).

  Notes to Editors

Why choose infacol?

  • Relieves infant colic and griping pain and assists in bringing up babie's wind.
  • It is suitable to use from birth onwards(unlike gripe waters,which can only be given to babies over a month old).
  • Infacol has an intergrated dropper so there's no need to struggle with a spoon.
  • It is sugar,alcohol  and colourant free,as well as value for money,as it contains up to 100 doses(rsp £4.20 for 50ml dropper).
  • Official website-
  • Blog-

     For Treatment of infant colic/infacol contains Simeticone/Always read the label3



Saturday, 8 October 2011

Me finder review

                              Me Finder review

                   A bit more about show and tell:

       Fun,simple,easy to understand methods that change kids(& parents!) behavior.
       They come in 3 different designs, "Miss pink",Green Techno and Monkey
        They all retail for £14.99 each.
        Suitable for ages 3+

                        Places you can use the Me Finder:

                                     Days out
                                    The beach
                                    The pool
                                    Shopping ect ect.

             You can store upto 5 phone numbers.. mummy,daddy,nanny ect.
        Just switch to whichever one you need depending on who the child will be with.

      I received to test and review the Me Finder from the lovely people over at SHOW&TELL.
                   I received the Green techno and Monkey designs for my son and daughter.
The first thing i loved about these other than the look and style was the fact it actually looks              just like a watch yet is safe for your child to mess around with without being able to change anything.
It was soo easy to set up to use i watched the you tube video showing you how to get it ready....straight away i manged to get it all done and ready to use.
Its water resistant which is fantastic especially for toilet visits when my son in particular makes alot of mess with the water!!.
it is light weight which is fantastic for little children as they often dont want to carry/wear anything bulky or heavy.It also has a child proof saftey catch which is a really good idea.Now my son will wear the Me Finder around the home however for some reason he will not allow me to put it on him when going school ect.He will however let me attach it to his day sack which he wears at all times to prevent his sudden dashes into busy roads.And he loved showing it on his bag when we met his auntie in town this week :)

With my son(4) being autistic he tends to run off alot especially around town centres,The Me Finder offers me peace of mind,knowing if anyone sees him even though he cant speak he tends to point to his Me Finder on his bag ans so they will then be able to get my number to call me.
In fact he ran off at school first day of wearing this luckily my friend spotted him she called me and    when i arrived proceeded to tell me how he kept pointing to his Me Finder this was when she spotted my name and number and said what a great idea it was and asked me for site name it came from so she could check them out herself :)

Both of my children love the Me Finder they cant get enough of looking at it and playing with the buttons.

All in all this is a must have product in my view very decently priced... Their was only 2 problems i had with the Me Finder and neither is anything of concern to be honest...

The 1st was i found attaching it to my wriggly children because of the small slots(designed so kids cant get off)which is fab however this issue would not put me off buying it!.

The 2nd is that my daughter did manage to wriggle it off her wrist on the smallest setting(and this is by no means criticism) shes 2 in a weeks time and as the product clearly states its for 3 years unless you have a bigger sized 2 year old bear this in mind before buying.My son however did not have this problem at all.

I will absolutely recommend the Me Finder to friends!!.

For more info or to buy go toSHOW AND TELL


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Green Nippers Baby and Children’s clothes Review

                   Green nippers Baby and Children's clothes review

About Green Nippers:
Green Nippers specialise in colourful organic baby clothes, organic baby accessories andorganic children's clothes.
it is all made from soft 100 % organic cotton, which is soft cool and comfortable to wear.
They only use nickel free popper fastenings.
Their products are designed in Britain and ethically manufactured in turkey(under the Global organic textile standard)
Their products are also certified by the soil association which helps give buyers peace of mind that what they are buying is 100% organic.
They use bright/bold colours which are dyed using natural and non toxic dyes.
Their products are suitable for babies who suffer from eczema as organic clothing does not contain finishing chemicals or pesticide residues.
Their Debut collection suitable for ages 0-12 months launched back in 2009, it consists of unique organic baby grows designed as all-in-one outfits for both boys and girls. You can buy matching accessories too.
All-in-ones are great for babies with reflux.
They fit nicely over nappies.
They then have the junior collection for ages 0-5 years. This was launched in august 2011.
The junior collection includes smart dresses, smock tops, t-shirts and leggings 4 girls and for the boys there are some fantastic t-shirts trousers and dungarees.
The collections are of high quality, durable and easy to care for.

A bit more about Green Nippers website:

They stock a fantastic range from babies’ right through to 5 years of age, and accessories too from hats and bibs to socks and tights. They even sell a range of organic toys!!

There’s free UK delivery and if you spend over £15.00 you get a free Green nippers organic cotton bag.
My favourite products on their site are the:

                         Harry Hood Boys Yellow Hoodie Baby Grow
                         Alfie Funky Boys Baby Grow
                        Green Nippers Honeysuckle Organic Girls Baby Gift Set
                        Boys Cotton Roll Up Trousers with Elasticated Waist
                        Toddler Girls Pinafore Dress Dungaree Style

           Now onto my product testing and review:     

           I received to test and review the Harry hoodyellow baby grow
  The first thing that caught my eye before I even opened the package was that even the bag it came in was 100% degradable and re-usable. I love this as i’m always trying my best to be more environment friendly, ie: recycling, passing on stuff no longer any good to me to some1 who can still make use of it and also taking plastic bags from previous shopping trips out with me to use again.
Upon opening and removing the paper out i pulled a gorgeous yellow baby grow. I loved the hood and the picture of the crab embroidered onto the pocket. It was also really soft to the touch.
Then came the baby wearing test:

The baby grow we received was aged 3-6 months my son who is 4 1/2 months has just moved into this size of clothing and as you can see it fits him perfectly, while still having enough room that he won’t outgrow it in no time. Now 1 problem i always find is that the feet gap is too small for my son but with this baby grow I never had this problem needless to say my son seemed very happy his toes were not squished as per normal. i love the integrated scratch mitts on the sleeves this is perfect for my son as with him having a touch of Eczema he tends to get dry and itchy and scratch his face no matter how short his nails are!!. The scratch mitts prevented him from doing this. The other things which in my books as a must are poppers especially around the nappy area for ease of changing and dressing. I also love the hood it’s like the icing on top of the cake and makes my son look soo cute and cool :)

This boys organic baby grow is a hit with both my son and myself and gets a big thumbs up :).

And on a finishing note,Green nippers have offered my lovely blog readers 15% off their purchases on their website:
Just enter 'ORGANIC' at the checkout
(valid until 31st October 2011).

Happy shopping!!

Disclosure: i was not paid to do this review only to keep the product as a thank you for the time put into my review,all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

pipi stroller review

mamas and papas pipi stroller review.

I brought the pipi mamas and papas buggy after weeks of looking.i wanted 1 that was lightweight as i was pregnany with my 5th baby at the time,with a recline option and a higher handlebar to help prevent backache from stooping down all the time.

Buggy specifications:

suitable from birth to 15kgs
multi  recline.
forward facing.
5 point safety harness
lockable swivel wheels
suspension on both wheels.
linked brakes.and (D)29cm.
carry strap.
weighs 6.65kgs
shopping basket
adjustable leg rest.
detachable hood
1/2 size raincover
handle height: 104 cm 
2 handed umbrella fold
folded dimensions:(L)104,(W)33cm 

From day 1 i loved this buggy it was a perfect height,gorgous colour and design and really lightweight.its perfect for short trips to the shops or for longer days out shopping or to use on holiday,and because it reclines theres no need to worry about a grumpy baby who cant settle or wakes with a neck ache!!.The only thing i was gutted on was that the foam on 1 handle bar was not aligned and as such looks a little bit unsightly.

Over a year on this buggy is still going strong,and now that i have moved i have had times ive had to use for train journeys which involves carring a 2 year old over a bridge but its still easy to do as the buggy itself is soo lightweight.
i have mentioned this buggy to friends and sang the people ofmamas and papas praises.They are a fab company with fantastic products who i have brought a few things from since as you will see in future reviews.
I brought my buggy fromargos ,this 1 is no longer being sold from them but they do have others in stock which are the exact same just a differant design.

The argos pipi's buggys are £69.99
also why not check out mamas and papasfor info on other products or to buy.

Dotto and roll for gold review

Review of Tactic's Dotto and Roll for gold.

I was given the chance by Blog-match to review 2 games byTactic .
My 2 daughters aged 10 and 12 helped by joining me to play and review these games.
Here's what we thought:

First we reviewed Dotto:

Contents included:

Game board
55 patterned cards
10 dice
15 tokens plus a spare
random timer(this requires 2x AA batteries,which are not included).
a piece of double sided tape.
suitable for 6 years plus

The idea of the game:
The aim of Dotto is to arrange groups of dice in a given pattern as fast as possible,so that the timer does not stop while its your turn.the fastest player wins the game.

Our thoughts on this game:

Ok well the idea of the game is simple and we really looked forward to playing as we love games however im sorry to say  this game wont be included in our list of favorites.we found it tricky at times often running out of time before we could even sort the right colours to match the required daughters in particular also got really bored pretty fast which was unusual for them and im afraid to say they didnt want to play another round.even though it was tricky i didn't mind it to pass some time but in future i think i will just play this game with the boyfriend. I also think a 6 year old would really struggle with the speed needed to play this game.

Next up was Roll for gold.


Game board
12 coloured playing dice(2 of each colour)
6 plastic cups for dice
18 small coins(parrot coins worth 1 guinea)
10 big coins(pirate coins worth 5 guineas)
pop o matic with blackbeard dice.
Suitable for 7 years plus.

The idea of the game:
All players fight over blackbeard's gold.The winner is the 1st player to reach 21 in guineas,or more guineas than any other player when blackbeard has lost all of his treasure.

Our thoughts on this game:
We absolutely love this game!! I couldn't understand the instructions clearly at 1st luckily my 12 year old did,she explained all then we set off.
We love all games with a pop-o-matic it reminds us of the good old fashioned frustration.
My daughters have also really got into pirates whether it e films,books,clothing or in this case games :).
we played this game for over 2 hours the first day we played and have played about 4 times since,cant get enough of it!!.

For more information why not visit Tactic
Also if you are a blogger/reviewer why not check out Blog-match
It was soo easy to play and we really got into it

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Fun with Mollky

family fun withMollky !

I  recently had the offer to review  2 games by blog-match which where then sent by Tactic games 
Mollky- the best  selling outdoor family game from finland!

Tactic games is backing family fresh air fun this year with the launch of Mollky.
Already a craze in finland,Mollky is made from wood from replenishable forests.
Mollky is an eco-friendly toy both minimal packaging and minimal air miles to the uk.

Outdoor fun for all the family is what has made Mollky an istant hit.
The rules are simple with the first player to knock down 50 points of skittles using the wooden throwing pin becoming the winner.
The secret of Mollky's success is the fact it can be played on many levels with a variety of skills and strategy,ensurring mum and dad can happily play along with the teenagers,in fact,even the youngest members of the family can master Mollky!!.

Tactic games also has giant versions of Yatzy,Giant tower and the lively Ten sticks on a board,all made from replenishable wood and ideal for family games in the sunshine!.

For more information visit Mollky
Mollky is available to buy from the carouseltoyshop for £34.99

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's