Thursday, 9 August 2012

Peppa Pig World review Whoohoo!!

Right now some of you might remember that back on January 6th my son was choosen as the winner of Brother max's Cute Character competition-the prize being family tickets to Paultons Park home of Peppa pig World!

Here is my sons winning picture

We couldn't wait to go and on 7th august the day finally arrived!
Myself and my son Ethan 5 and Alisha 2  1/2 went,Prior to out outing i Googled how to get there and read other bloggers trips to Peppa Pig World however they all seemed to drive while i dont and so i was apprehensive on how to get there some said go to Southampton central train station others said go to Totton then get a taxi.
In the end i looked on their website and it sad the best way was to go to Southampton then get the bus which takes you directly there.
Off we set we had to get 3 trains from Bagshot to Aldershot,change to Woking then change to southampton,i was learnt a out and about double for the day and it was a blessing i bumped it easily at bagshot and  Aldershot,Woking had a lift so that helped as did Southampton as we had to cross to other side.

Our train fare for a return cost £26.00 for an adult

Our first problem was when i reached the bus i needed as i found it only ran to park 2 a day and we had missed one by an hour.there was another bus but once you get off you still have a 20 minute walk along a fairly busy road with no paths so we opted for a taxi= this cost £15 on the way as no traffic and £18 to get back.(Totton is closer so taxi would be cheaper so will remember this for next time)

Upon arrival(was 11 by the time we managed to arrive) we easily went through after showing tickets.
And of course head straight for  Peppa Pig World which was very easy to find as was close to entrance.

The first thing we say was the colourful banner you go under

My son and daughters faces were a picture when we arrived both clapped hands to mouth and went oooooooooooh at the same time i couldn't help but laugh.

There was soo much to see and do the first ride we tried was the windy castle,now i will say there was big queues were pretty long,luckily i was prepared for this and took documentation on his ASD diagnosis and received a queue assist so we just went to the exit gates and waited to be let on,we could only do this once per ride which was fine by me it beats having meltdowns which would of ruined the day so for us we breezed through the rides.

We pretty much done everything my kids favorite rides were Daddy pig's car ride,and Grandpa Pig's little train,my son really wanted to go on George's Dinosaur adventure unfortunately it was a 2 seater ride and had no1 to go on with daughter so had to miss this one luckily he got distracted by Miss Rabbits ice cream parlour so a meltdown was avoided.Once we finished with the rides we visited Peppa Pig's Toy shop where my kids choose a toy each-the plan was to get 2 things each but having to taxi instead of bus it there prevented that from happening. off to visit the rest of Paultons park.

Next up the new Railworld Diner for dinner followed by as many rides as my 2 could get onto including Seal falls and the Digger ride,we also went on some of the side stalls such as the Goblet throw.and visited the Land of the dinosaurs and the Wind in the willows basically we done everything apart from anything water related like the muddy puddles as it was wet and cold when we set off so knew my son would not want to take part so seemed silly to carry the extra when it wouldn't be used lol.

All in all we LOVE Paultons Park/Peppa Pig world and hope that we can visit again in the future!

I will end my review with some more pictures and a massive thank you to Brother max and Paultons Park  :)

my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's