All About Tutu Thursday

When did Tutu Thursday begin?

Myself and my utterly fabulous friend and fellow blogger Viccy created our weekly 'Tutu Thursday' blog series in late 2013,with the first edition being published on 16th January 2014.

Link to my first Tutu Thursday blog post as featured on Supersarah's world.

How does it work?

Every Thursday,we dress our daughters in an outfit that includes a tutu skirt,and post the photos on our respective blogs. These blog posts include links to each other's blogs,plus details of where each clothing item was brought.

As with all our posts,we publicize them via our respective Twitter accounts,Facebook pages,Facebook groups,personal Facebook profiles,and other online communities.

Can i join in? I'm a business owner

Of course! Viccy and myself love working with brands and businesses! We offer a large audiance who read our blog posts,plus clickable links to your website and social media accounts within the sponsored blog post.

Please email us to discuss further.

Can i join in? I'm a fellow blogger

Of course! Viccy and i just politely request that you include links to our blogs on your Tutu Thursday blog post,and link us on Twitter and Facebook. I'n return, we'll retweet and share!

Can i join in? I'm a fan

Of course! Please send us a photo(via email or our Facebook pages), and we'll attempt to feature them asap!


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