Sunday, 8 April 2012

ways to help distract your autistic child?

I'm always looking for ways to help the days go easier with my 4 year old autistic son,anything that helps to stop constant screaming in my household is gladly appreciated :)
Here is the top 3 things that so far seem to work for us:

  1. Dressing up 
Ethan loves dressing into differant costumes no matter how mad or silly,hes not good with roleplaying but loves to stand for pictures when all done up and this can pass an hour easily :)

2. Cooking
a new thing ethan has really gotten into is cooking whether its home pizzas,cookies or cakes he just loves them all and has great fun experimenting and tasting this has not only helped to stimilate him as he hates certain textures but has learnt to touch them in a fun way, it has also helped his appetite as he is more willing to try new things.

3. Animals and bugs
whether its a trip to our local garden centre to see the animals or finding bugs in the garden ethan loves them all and will happily spend 30 mins to several hours happily in his task of looking for/looking after them :)

Any ideas from anyone greatly appreciated or tips on happy mealtimes/helping to convince to use cutlery greatly appreciated :)


  1. Hi hun,

    I'm catching up with my friend at the weekend who's daughter is autistic, and suffers with adhd amongst other things, I could ask her for some advice tips if you like? xx

    1. yes please hun i would love that please :) xxxx


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my mini Superhero's