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soap nuts review

Do you want to save money and help the planet with every wash load you do? Do you want a product that is:

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Chemical and cruelty free
  • 100% Biodegradeable
 Then what you need is Soapnuts!

I have been sent to test and review:

  • 225g Soapnut shells laundry detergent(55 washes)  £5.99
  • 60g Stain remover stick £3.49
  • 90g Soapnut soap £4.00

Now im all up for money saving tips and products so was thrilled to be given the oppurtunity to review these products and on top of this i love anything that will help remove the toxins from my sons diet/daily life as i know some things tend to trigger him having more meltdowns than normal.

Onto the testing:

First  up was the Soapnut shells:

The first thing that caught my attention was how strong they smelt,not in a bad way but more of a very woodland sense.
I put 4 shells into the little biodegradeable muslin bag and popped into the machine on my normal 40% wash cycle.
The results my clothes did come out clean and i actually really liked the woody smell as it was more subtle than what it is in the tube.
I then went on to use it on my cloth nappies(i added 2 more shells to the bag) and again they came out lovely clean and fresh smelling .and not to mention you can reuse the shells upto 5 times(saving money on powder)

Next up the Stain remover stick:

Great for collars,cuffs,grass,grease,blood ect

like most mums you are constantly on the look out for a stain remover that actually works!
Now the 1st thing i gt to try this stick on was my sons bib that daddy had fed him wearing(its meant to just be a dribble bib but was just a bib like the rest to daddy)
so he was fed his dinner wearing this bib and it was then thrown into the machine to find 2 days later when i went to put on a wash out came the Stain remover stick....
This was after wetting and applying to the stains on the  bib pre wash:

You can especially see the marks under the dinos feet.

And after a 40 degree wash:

As you can see for yourself there is absolutely no sign whatsoever of a stain and i was left 1 very happy mummy knowing i could reuse my dribble bib while out and about teamed with my sons outfit :)

Lastly the Soapnut soap:
We received the neem and tea tree soapnut soap.
Castile olive oil soaps are known for their moisturizing and anti-oxidant benefits.

This soap is great for:

All skin types in paticular dry,sensitive,trouble are acne-prone skin types.

We started using the soap and i must say it is rather nice,i suffer from dry skin on my hands and face,now i must say i didnt use on my face as i use a facial wash instead but on my hands i noticed a big difference as my hands were alot soften where normally soap would dry my hands out this did not. they were smooth and soft,it gave off a lovely little lather. when cleaning my kids ater dinner they were left with clean/dry hands instead of a sticky residue like some others leave behind so i was really impressed by this.

I can honestly say we will continue using these products the Soap nuts and Stain remover at the very least as im happy to have found something that actually removes stains and i like the fact that when im cleaning my nappies i wont end up with a powder build up which will make my nappies smell and also become less absorbant

very happy mummy here :)

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