Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter with the kids

Friday 30th march 
Easter egg hunting at school.

Well ethan has been really looking forward to this day talking about egg this and that non stop all week!and the day was finally upon us would it be a success or a failure i wondered?

well to be honest it was a bit of both, it all started off well ethan and his little sister alisha was both handed a piece of paper and a pen on the paper there where shapes that they had to match up to the ones hidden around the school and on the field and we had the put the letter that was on each shape into appropiate shape on the paper to make up a special easter message...easy right?....wrong! it was crazy and manic ethan loved it running off and hiding at every oppurtunity while alisha ran in the opposite direction and i was there trying to keep an eye on both while also looking out for the darn shapes which where well hidden i must say.
All in all it took us 1 1/2 hours and even then only because another parent told us the last 2 which i was extremely grateful for as by now alisha was crying constantly due to being awoken from nap to collect ethan and start the hunt and ethan getting tired due to his routine he has to stick to.
however he seemed happy to win his chocolate egg :)

Next up was the easter hat contest, they all had to stand in a line for 10 minutes while the judges checked out their eggsallent creations easier said than done as ethan dont tend to like standing still for more than a minute and started to get bored of waiting.they didnt win which is fine as im hopeless at helping them with arty projects so didnt expect them to, unfortunatly ethan had a meltdown not understanding why he didnt win  and by time it had ended he and his sister missed out on a lolly for taking part as the lady given them out had disappeared this in turn started him off again upset about that only this time alisha got upset over it too needless to say i was at the point id had enough and we decided to leave for the park right next to the school where ethan and alisha both perked up played and ate their eggs resulting in a lovely end to the day.

All in all a successful day!  :)

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