Monday, 9 April 2012

So what do you really need in your labour bag?

Labour bags,Waste of moneys and great buys for babys/toddlers

Ok so you are thinking you are not pregnant why are you blogging about labour bags?

Because after having 5 kids you tend to know what you really need and what was a waste of money especially as all the shops say you must have this and that and you tend to listen and buy it and all i can say is Bull you dont need it below is my list of things i have found were a total waste of money....

  1. Changing table.....dont get me wrong they are lovely but if you are on a tight budget dont bother you tend to change them over your lap or on a mat on the floor anyway as its more time saving.
  2. Handheld midwife told me you cant live without it during labour,trust me you can you will be soo hot and sweaty you wont even know its going,if they have a big in the labour room ask to use that instead it will at least have a effect.
  3. Baby bath....i have one but tend to use the washing up bowl or have baby in the bath with me instead(which is lovely as helps with bonding....assuming they dont do a poo!)    :P
  4. a moses basket rocker stand..... fine if its your first baby but i do not recommend it if its for a sibling unlss you dont mind your other kids swing on it. also once a baby gets a bit wriggly i personally think it rocks too much i much prefer the moses basket in the cot or on floor by big bed at night time.
  5. too many clothes yes they are pretty but too many will cost u a fortune,give u more washing to do than needed and they will grow out of them before they even wear some.

Now onto the good buys:

  1. munchkin snack catcher,brilliant for independant toddlers saves crumbs going everywhere,a must have at a cheap price.
  2. muslin squares great for pukey babies,snotty toddlersand even weaning if you forget a bib
  3. baby swing....most babies loved to be rocked and swayed,bounced and this is a life saver saves dead arms and backaches bending to bounce a rocker....just get a swing does the job for you while you get on with other things like housework or having a well deserved cuppa.
  4. a good baby carrier,try to go for one with good support and not too many fiddly bits added to it,i find its best to try on in the shops to see which one you prefer before buying just like you would with a pushchair.
  5. my munchkin towel/or cant always rely on someone1 being there to help you bath your baby so these are fab,just tie around your neck the towel will fall in front of you(covering your chest,ect.. just get on with bathing baby then pick up and hold against you while lifting the bottom of the towel to cover and dry your baby...great hands free idea!
Now on to the labour bag/baby bag what are the essentials?
i recomment having 2 smaller ones rather than one big one as it will be easier to find baby's bits if its not mixed in with yours.

  1. birth plan and any notes you might have
  2. cash-for bedside tv/phone,mags or any snacks you might like.
  3. slippers they dont let you walk without a pair(thats what i also got when i forgot them anyway)
  4. socks take an extra fluffy pair for labour as you ight get cold feet/shakes
  5. isotonic sports drinks and snacks for labour(not junk food like chocolate) dont forget some for the bf too it might last a while just dont put in your bag im sure he can carry them :)
  6. any mags,books or mps to help in labour or pass the time if you cant sleep after the birth
  7. if you have long haid take a hairband to keep it from your face.
  8. toiletries- flannel,hairbrush,toothpaste ect,if breastfeeding nothing that will cover your bodys natural smell or it will make it harder for baby to latch on(good idea till breastfeeding is established)
  9. water spray
  10. a change of clothes
  11. towels x 2 packs bf can bring more when he visits if needed
  12. camera
  13. list of phone numbers
  14. breast pads
  15. pjs
  16. dressing gown
  17. night gown for giving birth in
  18. old knickers or disposable ones(i used disposable with old over top as had lots of blood loss first 2 days)

Baby's bag

  1. 3 sleepsuits and vests get bf to bring more to replace dirty and take others away
  2. small pack or nappies or cloth nappies
  3. muslin squares/bibs
  4. bath towel
  5. sponge(just use plain water for first week or so, can use a little shampoo for hair if wanted.
  6. going home outfit
  7. hat
  8. get bf to bring infant car seat and blanket when he comes to take you home

i think/hope i remembered everything bear in mind everyone is differant you might want to take a birthing ball,nursing pillow ect but these are the basics i have put.
enjoy getting ready :)


  1. I agree with some of your dos and donts but I also disagree with lots aswell

  2. Should have also said I think every person is different and things you might think are pointless others might love, for example I think muslin squares are pointless and I have brought loads yet never used them

  3. agreed hun! everyone is differant and each to thier own this is just what i found not what people should do :)


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