Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sea Band review

I have been sent the Sea Bands to review by Hannah over at A New Addition.

I was very happy to receive this product to review as both yself and my 12 year old suffer badly from travel sickness and as such we cant wait to test this out :)
Sea Band great for nausea,traveling and morning sickness.

  • Drug free
  • natural relief
  • no side effects
  • reusable
  • washable
  • Clinically tested by healthcare experts
Each pack contains one pair.

Our findings:

The sea Band comes in  small cardboard packaging upon removal it comes in a small travel sized box perfect for storing your Sea Bands when not in use.
The following week we put them to the test on my daughter as she went to school via her school bus,we took them out of the box and removed the little instruction booklet and read.
It states clearly how to use,how to find your acupressure point and when to put on for it to be most effective it also has very clear pictures to help you.
2 minutes before my daughter left we put them on she then had a 10 minute walk to meet the bus.

When she got home that afternoon i asked her how she felt? did she feel sick like she normally does?
She said "no mum i forgot they were there as they were really comfortable to wear and i didnt feel groggy or sick on the way to school or back"! 
now this is a first shes normally either sick or feels it,she continued to use during the week and not once did she complain of feeling ill.
On the saturday i went out into town s took them with me on the bus journey and not only did i not feel sick i actually read a magazine normally i feel too queasy to do this.
Both myself and my daughter love this product the only problem is fighting over who gets to use them...luckily i have since won a pair that i am waiting to receive then we will both have some.

Overall thoughts:

Great product,small,comfy and best of all effective!

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  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for the great Sea-Band review! We've posted a link to it on our Facebook Page, hope that's ok :-)


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