Sunday, 29 April 2012

ToysNaturally Mini Puzzles Review

Play is the platform by which children learn and explore their senses and indulge their seemingly endless curiosity.

Toys Naturally prise themselves in stocking ethically minded,beautifully craften wooden toys.They aim for their toys to be enjoyable,fun and appealing to children and their parents alike.

I was sent 5 mini puzzles from across the mini puzzle range they were all Fauna wooden puzzles.
Fauna wooden figures and puzzles are big and chunky with no upper age limit.
They are all made entirely by hand.They have harmonius colours allowing the grain of the wood to show through.
All the pains used are non-toxic.

The puzzles i receved were:

  •  The Crocodile 
  • The Small wooden dinosaur 
  • The Boat(motor vechile )
  • The Train(motor vechile)
  • The Polar bear

I really love bright and bold colours so for me these really stood out well they were also beautifully made,such lovely designs and shapes my son was really taken on them too.
He finds alot of puzzles quite tricky but apart from the train one as there was more in the shape layout for him to work out he really enjoyed figuring these out and within 20 minutes was a pro.
He so far has played with these around 20 times and not just as puzzles too,once he has put them together he gets me to stand them up so he can push them around chasing each other as if they are friends,one instance being the Train was trying to catch to Polar bear! lol

The puzzles come from a wide range that are suitable for all budgets whether it be £3.90 or £20.40 ect.They make ideal birthday/christmas presents,stocking or party bag fillers.
We enjoyed these puzzles tremendously and will look to buy some more toys from Toys Naturally come christmas.

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