Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Quicksmart Easy Fold Pushchair review

I was totally amazed to be given the chance to review the QuickSmart easy fold pushchair, i have always loved the look of them but if im honest they were just a touch out of my price range for a stroller.

A bit more information:

  • It is part of the QuickSmart Nursery range.
  • Suitable from 6 months-3 years(45 pounds)
  • Comes with a rain cover and a 5-point harness
  • Fits nicely into its own travel bag
  • Weight 6kg
  • 1 handed fold
  • 2 seating positions 
  • Handle height 100cm
  • folded sizes are: L53,W53,D28cm
  • RRP: £139.99

My thoughts:

As soon as i knew i was being sent one to review i was ecstatic constantly looking at the windows on the lookout of a van of some kind like a kid looking forward to christmas.
When it finally arrived i couldnt believe how small the box was if it wasn't for the images and text on the box i would of thought they were giving me the right one i felt like there was no way a buggy of any kind unless it was a dolls one could it fit into that box!.
Upon removing from the box i couldnt believe my eyes there was nothing to set u what so ever which was great as i am not a D I Y kinda girl in the slightest.I put it up easily enough it was the putting down i struggled with in the end i found a vid clip on youtube which showed me really easily and from then on there was no stopping me.

Now i tend to have to use the buses and trains frequantly as we dont drive and i found this pushchair fantastic!
Not only is it lightweight with it being soo small whether folded or not it fits even into the smallest of  gaps.I can even get my changing bag on the back of it without it tipping however the downside i felt to this was that when you lifted it up and down curbs it felt like it was going to buckle it didnt just felt it as all the weight was at the back of the buggy.
I have found this perfect for getting to my sons physio appointments,toddler groups,the park ect the only thing its not really practical for is big shopping trips as there is only a small basket to put anything in.

Overall i love this buggy,the style,design and colour.... not to everyones taste but to me its perfect :)

To visit the QuickSmart website click here
To visit the QuickSmart  facebook page click here

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  1. Hi hun - i have just ordered one thanks for the review... could u tell me where u got the animal print liner from? u can find me on fb emma louise speers or cud u email me on - thanks


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