Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dentrust toothbrush review

Now as you all know my 4 year old son is autistic and one of the biggest tasks for us is teeth brushing time!
Its a nightmare normally consisting of screaming and meltdowns from our son, one reason being he wont allow us to brush his teeth yet he messes about doing it and if we do get to brush it  will be for about 30 seconds.and then along came the Sensory Smart Store who very kindly sent me one of their Dentrust toothbrushes to test and review on my son.
The Dentrust toothbrush great for helping to encourage self-care skills,ideal for the very young,those with limited motor skills and those whose sensitivity means they dont like/allow a toothbrush in thier mouth for very long.

I wasnt too sure what ethans reaction to this new toothbrush would be due to him knowing what one meant but in fact it couldnt of gone any better as soon as i took it out of the packaging he started bouncing and squealing "it yellow it yellow" over and over(his favourite colour im pretty sure of in this case had a lovely yellow rubber grip to hold lol) then said "me me" while pointing to himself i said yes so he proceeded to snatch it and squeal, and i must say for the first time since he was a baby we had no meltdown at all! he still only allowed us to take over and brush his teeth for 30 seconds but i felt happier in the knowledge that this was 3 sided so as such it was miraculously brushing the whole of each of his teeth as we moved the brush over them.
We have since  used this toothbrush daily and he loves it,needless to say when we need to replace his brush i know where we will be looking as this is now one job that no longer needs to be a battleground!

                                              Ethan happily brushing(excuse the blurring he flaps his other hand when brushing).

A few facts about the Dentrust toothbrush:

  • Advanced 3 sided to allow to you to brush 3 sides simultaneously
  • more effective gingivitis reduction in hard to reach areas and interior gum line
  • it automatically applies the 45 degree angle to the teeth 
  • has a stimulating massage for healthy gums
  • RRP: £2.99
We love this toothbrush and im sure you will too so why not check them out by visiting their website/shop here they sell lots of other great products including seamless socks and underwear so why not check them out.
Their facebook page and their twitter page feel free to say hello im sure they will love that.


  1. That's so great - really glad to hear he liked the yellow handle - and it's good to know when you only have a few seconds in their mouths you are cleaning as much tooth as possible - even better that he's doing it himself - god job Ethan!!
    Nice to see his cute smile too,

    Mel at Sensory Smart

  2. Hi. I'm wondering what age this would be suitable for. My daughter is 16 and hates toothbrushing. She has Williams syndrome so has issues with teeth also.


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