Sunday, 1 April 2012

April: Bowel cancer awareness month

Did you know some1 dies from bowel cancer every 30 seconds?i could not believe it when i heard that i mean you dont even stop to think about it really just take these things for granted,well i can tell you now it has certainly opened my eyes!

Bowel cancer happens when the cells in your bowel multiply and attack the surrounding tissue it can then spread to other areas of the body.
Another name for it is:  Colen cancer.

Most people can have a really good chance of recovery if caught early but unfortunatly only 9% are caught at the early stage!

Signs to look out for:

  • A pain or lump in your stomach
  • Feeling more tired than normal
  • Losing weight for no obvious reason
  • Hving blood in your poo for the last 3 weeks
These symptoms do not mean you have Bowel cancer but it is still best to be seen as it could still be the sign of another problem.

All i can say is you have nothing to lose but Everything to gain! so if you spot any of these do get checked.

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