Thursday, 5 February 2015

Rachels birthday part one

So Rachel turned 14,I have no idea where all the time goes...

As a birthday treat and as a late birthday treat for her sister Carla we treated them to a trip to London and a stay over at the Blackfriars Premier Inn. 

One of the things we made sure we did was pop into Forbidden Planet,My god it was amazing it was my first trip there and Geek heaven don't even come close to describing it....needless to say we did not leave empty handed,here is a look at the few things i got for myself alone :)

I grabbed this awesome plants vs zombies t.shirt a steal at the reduced price of just £4.99

A fantastic Joker cup

Travel cards holder perfect for me to keep train tickets or bus tickets safe

And last but not least a fantastic Jar Jar pop funko,I love star wars and Jar Jar is my favorite character, I know hes not everyone's first choice but each to their own and hes mine,he also happens to be my first funko!

A great start to our visit to London, coming up London Dungeons,Madame Tassauds and sight seeing


  1. welcome to London Sarah, I'm glad you liked the city, next time you come make sure you stop at the Olympic Park in Stratford, it's a cool place!!

  2. Looks like you had a fab time. I always like looking in Forbidden Planet



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my mini Superhero's