Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Late Valentines day ideas.

Panacking about what to do or buy? left it till the last minute? well don't fear as i have combined a list from Argos plus some other great ideas that is bound to have something to suit everyone's budget for that guy/woman in your life or of your dreams!


A Batman adult fleece robe £18.74 normally £24.99


Me to you slippers £13.49 normally £17.99


Baylis & Harding woman's Rhubarb and Vanilla heart gift £14.99 normally £19.99


Grab a Valentines accessory decoration kit £14.99  and have a romantic night in with candles and a homecooked meal or takeaway


If you forget to buy a card no biggie there are lots of free E cards you can email to your loved one.
Or how about getting crafty with their lunch for work? use red or pink card to cut out a heart and write on it your own personal message,maybe write some love notes on post it's and stick them around the house where they will be found like the kettle,fridge,bathroom mirror ect. you can even use card along with ribbon or string to make a love banner and hang on the front door for the return home from work. or if you cant afford to splurge on a meal out why not buy a cheap and cheerful pizza and cut it into a heart shape. or make waffles cut into hearts and add whipped cream and some strawberries. If she or he likes reading again use card to create and design some unique book marks.... you can even do a romantic walk to watch the sunset,if you drive then drive somewhere with a nice view take a picnic(to eat in the car of course or if the weathers half decent take a rug to eat on then later to lay back and stargaze) the ideas are endless but i hope a few of my ideas help you out.! Don't forget to leave me a comment I would love to know your plans!


  1. I ordered huge personalised chocolate bar to hide as a surprise in my OH lunch box :-)

  2. Im so glad hubby and I only get each others cards with nice words written inside. I believe valentines is so commercialised these days, that when we were really skint we decided not to do it, but both surprised each other with cards... he writes the best things inside which tat cant bring the smile on just the same. so im up for the walk in to the sunset with a picnic idea far more over the batman robe :-) lol


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