Saturday, 14 February 2015

Loving winter warmers and healther foods

Loving winter warmers and healthier foods 

So we have decided to start a meal plan,consisting of winter warmers-frugal food meals and generally healthier food and as most of it is from using basics like potatoes,carrots,onions or fruit.I love it as it means i get to have the occasional muffin in the knowledge that i know what i'm putting in my body and combined with a healthy dinner + exercise it will all help towards my goal of losing weight and getting into shape!
Oh and did i mention we are also hoping it will cut down the cost of our shopping bills as a lot of things we will buy in big packs like carrots rather than getting the odd one and it can be used over several different meals.

Please do leave a comment with any healthy/or generally cheap and easy meals or pudding that we can try to help broaden our choices.

The other day I cooked a Sausage and onion casserole with boiled potatoes,and also made some frozen yogurt.

How to make instant frozen berry yogurt.


250g frozen mixed berries
250g 0% fat greek yogurt
1Tablespoon of honey.

blend berries,yogurt and honey in a food processor for 20 seconds until it comes together in a smooth ice-cream mixture. scoop into bowls and serve.

My kids prefer runnier frozen yogurt so i added a dash of milk into the processor too but that is down to preference.


  1. Good luck with your meal planning, it works really well for our family.

  2. Meal planning is a must in my house , other wise i spend a lot more then i need to , love the look of the frozen berry yogurt x

    1. me too we have been spending 200+ a week on food hence why this is a must have drastic change!! my biggest concern is the kids refusing to eat anything i just hope when hungry enough they will!!


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