Saturday, 21 February 2015

Nerd Block Classic Subscription Box Review

Nerd block

Nerd Block is a monthly mystery geek package delivered right to your door.
The cost of a Nerd Block is just $19.99 a month plus shipping(around £20.04 in UK pounds)
How it works is that you pick your favorite theme from either Nerd Block Classic,Horror Block,Arcade Block or for the young geeks in the family you can pick a Nerd Block JR Girls or Boys.Both of the junior blocks cost just $13.99 plus shipping.

To best sum Nerd Block up it is like Christmas day every month if you haven't yet tried Nerd Block out you must!

Nerd Block Classic Review 

 I was very lucky to receive a Nerd Block Classic to review we were informed they had all shipped out on the 17th and I received mine today which was super fast seeing as I'm based in the UK so if I'm honest i was expecting it to take at least 10-14 days depending on delays.Upon opening the Nerd Block I am not afraid to admit that I was like a kid in a candy shop.

Check out my unboxing video  on the link below

Youtube Nerd Block unboxing

Full contents of my Nerd Block:

I love the flashicle T.Shirt I asked for a woman's large as I am a 14 as wasn't sure how they would come up,It fits perfectly.

I think I have lost the Cliccors to my son who as anyone that follows my blog knows he has special needs, the Cliccors make a fantastic sensory toy and as they fit on my wrist easily I can always wear them out and take off for him to fiddle with whenever he feels a bit agitated which is fantastic!!
You can also make lots of great stuff out of them,literally hours of fun and endless possibilities.

Included inside was also some Nerd Play Cosplay Trading Cards involving 12 Cosplayers who include:

  1. Yaya Han
  2. Monika Lee
  3. Leeanna Vamp
  4. Meagan Marie
  5. Lisa Lou Who
  6. Abby Dark Star
  7. Jayden Okageo
  8. Nicole Marie Jean
  9. WindOfTheStars
  10. YuffieBunny
  11. Ashley Hay
  12. Chaka Cumberbatch

You get a 1 in 6 chance of getting a rare card.

I seriously need to get some pennies aside so I can grab myself another Nerd Block as I love it,I cant put my finger on what I loved the most as It was all awesome......Go check Nerd Block out for yourself now,You wont be disappointed!

Click to check out the Nerd Block Website


  1. I love the contents of Nerd Block. Had no idea such monthly mystery geek package existed! x

  2. Love the tshirt!! Have never heard of Nerd Block, but will defo check out their website xx


  3. This looks like a good idea. Haven't heard of Nerd Block before

  4. Have not heard of nerd block before , but im going to pass this on as i know a few people who would really like this x

  5. This sounds like a fantastic box, my brother would love it!

  6. Love It! Want It!
    Great unboxing video too on your Youtube xxx

  7. ooh this looks awesome!

  8. Thank you so much for the review! It is really well done and we are so glad that you liked the February block! It was a pleasure to work with you!


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