Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sweeleestuff Review


Sweeleestuff is all about providing eco friendly,durable and practical alternatives for everyone young and the not so young.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review a Neoprene lunch bag from Sweeleestuff,I went for the Baby Owls design RRP £14.99 it arrived fast and well packaged.

 first thoughts:

upon opening was just how cute!! i love the owl designs and the bright colours used, i also loved the soft material of the bag. made from machine washable,stain resistant,waterprof neoprene. I love how you can store it nice and flat so it hardly takes up any room,it's really nice and spacious with lots of room for the kids or your lunch, its big enough i can even use it for trips out with my youngest 3 and have snacks for them all in it. The first time i used it i had my daughters sandwiches in a sandwich bag however they did end up squished where everything is in the same compartment,so on day two i used a sandwich box i was impressed in the way it easily stretched  to allow room for the box plus it still had tons of room for everything thing else too. Perfect for school or trips out.

Sweeleestuff sell their lunch bags in 18 different designs each one being gorgeous.They also sell My Wee friend plus and a Car Back seat organizer. I only wish they had their range in Asda so i can purchase more for my kids as they take up just a fraction of the room and look a lot nicer too,not to mention they are really comfy to carry around.

Things i love.

  • The wide range of designs
  • Good value for money
  • soft and lightweight
  • very spacious
I would love to see these hit the shops and i highly recommend!

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