Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sailor Mars costume review

I was recently given  from Fancy Dress Queen the opportunity  to test and review a sailor moon costume. I chose the Sailor mars one where i can get to channel the spirit of fire . I was really excited to try this out after seeing a fair few friends doing Sailor Moon cosplay's.

Based on the hit TV series of a teenage girl who learns of her destiny as the legendary warrior sailor moon,she must band together with the other sailor soldiers to defend the earth and galaxy.

Usagi and her friends using special powers transform into Sailor Soldiers becoming Sailor Moon,Sailor Mercury,Sailor Mars,Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus.

Sailor Mars Costume

Retails at RRP: £23.99
available in sizes S(UK 8/10), Medium(UK 10/12),Large(UK 12/14),XL(UK 14) and XXL(UK 16).
Includes a white body with a bright red skirt and sailor collar,also has a fixed navy blue bow matching gloves,headband and ribbon neck piece.

My Thoughts:

I felt wonderful, that was my first thought i kinda felt like a school girl again as the outfit was just so damn cute!! It was however very short which is cool and i will wear out to a party ect but i would be sure to wear some shorts underneath otherwise my bum would keep being exposed when bending over.  I love the shape the Tulle underneath gives however it does really itch(which shorts however this wont be a problem. my only issues was that one i have a really small head so the headband kept slipping and when i say small i mean small my 7 year old's sons caps fit me! hehe also i have short fingers so found the glove fingers to be pretty long and flappy on me.

I would highly recommend this costume as i do love it and its a great price i also love the bow on the back of the dress ,however if this is not your cup of tea just look around the website you are bound to find something you love from their selection.

Here i am as Sailor Mars i only wish i had a wig to pull the look off better.

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