Saturday, 4 October 2014

Elias Super Wipes Review

 Elias Super Wipes Review

I recently had the opportunity to review the Elias Super Wipes, they arrived really fast i popped one pack into the kitchen for any spills/mess and the other into my sons changing bag ready for any accidents or mess when on the go.

What they say:

Superwipes are a quick and powerful cleaning solution.,great for use on clothes(but not on ones that are labelled 'do not bleach' to help prevent most stains.Saves you money and time.

My thoughts:

My daughter attended her friends birthday party this week,the wipes were first brought to the test when my 7 year old squirted ketchup on his white top while trying to squirt it on his dinner! out came the wipes, they looked so similar to baby wipes in appearance away i rubbed,the top was left with a slight red mark that was barely noticeable-however upon returning home and putting it through the wash i'm happy to say the stain was completely removed,normally on these such occasions the top is a goner by the time i get home so i was impressed, i also had another incident at the party with my 4 year old daughter smearing chocolate cake on her top-again i used the wipes and on this occasion the stain completely vanished!

ive used the wipes several times since and have been really pleased with the results.

Final thoughts:

  • Great product,easy to use and has great results
  • love the slim packaging for on the go
  • only thing i wasn't too keen on was the price currently at £2,99 for 1 pack, If i'm totally honest i would rather pay nearer £1.00 for a pack of this size as with 5 messy kids i went through the wipes in no time and for that reason alone i would be put off buying again however if i see them on a deal or that the prices are reduced i would without a doubt buy again as i love them, also it would be nice to see larger packs on sale for home use.

You can find out more and buy Elias Super Wipes at £2.99 + 99p p&p,you can also buy at All Elias Cleaners Ltd  in London.

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