Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloween craft fun.

Today was spent with us as a family keeping everyone entertained by doing Halloween crafts(daddy did all the hard work with the kids while i kept on top of not unnecessary mess and took pictures.
This is what we used(all supplies brought previously from Asda):

First off we turned some small satsumas into pumpkins

Carrying on with the fruit theme we then made some ghost bananas with chocolate eyes and mouths and peeled some satsumas and finished them off with a small piece of celery to make pumpkins

Next up we made mummies using empty loo rolls, cheap bandages and googly eyes, glued on.

These were quickly followed by skeleton pictures using black and white card,cotton buds,a black pen and glue.

Bats! we are going to get some string so we can hang them.

Next we did some messy play Halloween style involving food(potatoes,ketchup,salad cream,a pepper and for good measure some inedible black paint )-both our 7 year old and 3 1/2 year old have special needs so anything sensory related like this is good for them :)

Next up Ghost and Pumpkin plates(again just need to be hung)...Daddy even made a scary snake.

Lastly we made 3 pictures which we are going to join with glue under each other and hang up. A ghost,frankenstein and a spider.

After lots of busy work the kids then took to making their own yummy pizzas which was followed by  ice cream!

Still to come later in the week...more Halloween fun + Halloween cookies,a jelly brain and hopefully jelly worms.oh and not forgetting of course pumpkin carving!


  1. Brilliant, looks like you all had fun x

  2. Looks like a fun filled afternoon! Nothing beats crafting on a cold, wet Autumn afternoon. :)


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my mini Superhero's