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Thank You! to everyone for your help with #lilyswish

Hello there and welcome back to part 2 of #lilyswish as you are all aware myself and the rest of our May 2011 mummies have joined forces to get together a hamper of treats for our lovely friend Liz and her children Lily,Chloe and Blake. We have been tweeting,emailing and facebooking like mad and we have had some truly outstanding donations flooding in as well as messages of support and shares of our posts. Yesterday Leanne,Stacie and Angela all friends from our May 2011 group went to visit and surprise Lily and her family with all the wonderful treats you have helped donate to our very worthy cause which quite simply was to bring smiles and help create some fun and long lasting family memories that can always be treasured and lets not forget to show how much we love them and are with them every step of the way.

From all of us we would like to say a massive thank you for all of your help,Before i show you all the fantastic items sent I would like to share with you some messages of support for liz and her family starting with messages from our May 2011 mummies and followed by companies and well wishers.


"Sending much love to you all. Anna and Jessica"

"Always in our prayers,love hugs and kisses Sandra and Amber & Autumn xx"

"Always in our minds and hearts Cheryl,Lacey and Paige x"

"Thinking of you all and sending all our love,Amy,George and Stanley xxx"

"All our love hugs and kisses to you all xxxxxx Jasmin,Ryan and Willow"

"Thinking of you all,sending love and hugs to you all love Kayleigh,Jamie and Callum xx"

"Loads of love and mahoosive kisses to you all,thinking of you constantly,love Tracey and Ava xxxx"

"Thinking of you all and sending all our love,Sharon,Layla,Ellie and Amber. xx"

"Always thinking of you,Sending love and hugs..Nic & Reece xx"

"Always in our hearts and prayers granny dim love Sebastian-Keigh(gramps dim)Ruby-Olivia Laura and James xxxx"

"Big kisses and cuddles and love to you all from Brody your fellow due in may 11 friend xxx"

"Love and prayers to you all. Love Kym & Esmai xx"

"Thinking of you all always,Lots of hugs,Kerrie F and Leon xx"

"Thinking of you all. lots of love hugs and kisses Dannii,Tommy,Bobby and Tai xxx"

"Much love to an amazing beautiful family. love Katie,Oliver, and family xxx"

"Lots of love always,from Claire,Izzy and her big boys xxx"

"Thoughts and prayers are with you all,love Angela and Rosanna xx"

Well Wishers and companies:

Nerd Block " Lily,you are so brave and strong,all important attributes in any Superhero! Keep fighting!"

Lilly + Sid "Dear Lily,good luck and lots of love from Lilly + Sid xxx"

Shaken Udder "Dear Liz,Lily,Blake and Chloe, The whole team here at Shaken Udder were moved and inspired by Lily's Story. What a brave person you are,Lily!...Keep smiling and supporting each other,we are thinking of you all and willing Lily to show that cancer who's boss.....We are sending some yummy milkshake treats for you all-Enjoy! Best wishes Team Shaken Udder x"

Sharon's Bespoke Crafty Corner "Lots of love xx"

Carddies"To Lily,with lots of love and hugs from the Carddies"

Lucy and Belle"Dear Lily,You are such a special and brave little girl. We hope you have fun choosing something special to play with. Love,Lucy and Belle"

The Basket Company"Sending Lily and family lots of love and a big hug from The Basket Company. X"

Kristen Hughey"Sending you all lots of love"

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics"So many good wishes to Lily,Chloe,Blake & Liz-relax,play & enjoy the smells & colours in this goodie box.have lots of fun using these products too(you can make lots of silly things with some of the soaps in here for lots of laughter)-Lush Customer Care"

Ecoegg "sending all my best wishes to Lily,Liz and her family and friends. Love Ecoegg"

All of the lush products donated:

To start with The Basket Company Supplied up with this gorgeous Butterfly Trunk to pop the donations in,as you can see we had more than we could fit in but it still held lots and is great as it can be used again as a display piece or to hold keepsakes ect in.

The watches and sunglasses you can see in this picture was donated by a very generous Anonymous company.

Hotter supplied this gorgeous Marci bag.

This fantastic wooden photo block was given by Laura Pike from Oh wooden it be nice.

Lucy and Belle have sent a £25.00 gift voucher to buy something special to play with of their website.

Treacle Boutique sent this brilliant Super hero cape

Another fantastic company anonymously donated this bundle of goodies.

Lily and Sid sent in this very cute Swan lake T.shirt

Nerd Block sent this awesome Nerd Block JNR sample box

Little Beau Chic sent in this lovely bundle

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics sent this gorgeous smelling bundle of Lush treats, Leanne brought a basket and gift wrapped it up.

Made by Leanne South(May 2011 member and friend)

Sent in from Tina a fellow Blogger over at Trials & Tribulations Of A Brummie Mummy

Made by the very talented Leanne South(May 2011 member and friend)

Massage voucher by a anonymous donator

A fab Sweet treat sent by Ecoegg

Sandra Rose Ribbons(another friend and fellow Due In May member)..My daughter loves these her exact words when she saw this picture was " omg there's a Frozen one mummy"

A brilliant quirky assortment of gifts from

A beautiful Butterfly dress up sent in by a anonymous donator

This gorgeous Key ring charm was made and sent in from Sharon's Bespoke Crafty Corner

Rollers World generously donated a scooter/trike to all of the children

Some lovely nail art stickers sent in by Charlies Nail Art

Lots of yummy Primal bars from The Primal Pantry

This beautiful family tree picture was created by Personalised KeepsakesPreston

Some beauty products by the lovely Quickies

Helley Hanson donated these gift bags each including a lovely hat inside xx

Lots of yummy milkshake treats supplied by Shaken Udder

Izziwotnot sent the super cute Izziwotnot Baby Fleur plush toy and Fifi Monster cushion.

Family set sent by Carddies...these are great my kids love Carddies

The Craft Company sent these fab baking goodies

The Big Day Arrives!

Everyone is so excited to see their reaction while Leanne,Stacie and Angela went to surprise them all the rest of our group was on tenterhooks hoping they loved it all.....And as you can clearly see they did! Just look at Lily and Liz's smiling face when they saw what we had for them....just priceless!
Those pictures alone made all of our hard work so worth it just to see them smile as that was what this was all about.

Here are some pictures taken of the day....

And that's not all The Hamper Guys have posted off this fab box of treats to enjoy,so these will arrive shortly.

We would all like to thank everyone involved you have all been so fabulous.
Don't Forget to follow Lily's Cancer Journey on Facebook to see how she is doing.

I will now leave you all with a personalized message from Liz herself:

"Thank you to everyone in our dim group and all the companies that were very generous with their gifts.My family and I are very grateful and will always remember what you've all done. We are very lucky to have such generous friends and people in our lives so a very big thank you from the bottom of our hearts xx"


  1. Well done Sarah for this amazingly generous act of kindness!

  2. This is amazing, I can't believe how many wonderful donations you've recorded x

  3. Wow this is amazing, so great for recording this! xx


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