Thursday, 2 April 2015

Candy Japan Review

Candy Japan Review  

I have always watched other bloggers review and try Japanese snacks and sweets and have often thought about giving them a try,not only to see what they are like but also as a mini lesson where our kids can learn about different backgrounds and the kind of food they eat,they way they dress and generally live compared to us to help broaden their minds to the world.
We was very happy to be given the chance to receive and review Candy Japan.

Candy Japan is a monthly Subscription box where you receive Japanese Candy surprises twice a month!
it costs around £16.85 in British pounds with free shipping even to the UK.
All the writing on the packaging is in Japanese so if you have any allergies it would be wise to give this subscription a miss unless you or someone you know can read it!.
I stated in my YouTube video about it being one box a month as I didn't realize it was indeed two boxes a month which is fantastic, I was thinking the price was a bit steep until I noticed that.

Bemmu set up Candy Japan with his wife Nachi who helps out, between 1-4 items per box so anything up to 6 candies to try per month straight from Japan.

Considering the boxes came from Japan I'm surprised how fast they arrived, both boxes coming with very cute tape on the boxes that as soon as my 14 year old saw them she just went "OMG That's so Kawaii"

My Candy Japan box unopening:

We received:

  • A box of pretz- I was literally the only one that really liked these everyone else was like "omg they are hot" and didn't finish them,I on the other hand finished half a packet in one sitting.
  • meijji Apple milk chocolate-we all enjoyed these,it did seem a little weird at first as you get the taste of chocolate as you start of followed by apple then a 3rd taste that non of us could really identify, however these were enjoyed by all and was quickly finished off.
  • A box of Pooky Demitasse,they tasted just like dark chocolate over some kind of cocoa biscuit,they didn't last long either as everyone loved them,they kinda reminded me of bourbon biscuits.
  • A pink and very cute looking pack of panda shaped biscuits,it has cookpad written on them with some diagrams on the back which I'm guessing is instructions to make biscuits then adding these on top to finish them off. we just ate them as they are as couldn't read the instructions anyway. they were nice once again like little biscuits with pink and white chocolate on,the chocolate tasted just like chocolate mice only a tad sweeter,really nice but cant eat too many in one go.

We loved our Candy Japan boxes I just wish we had some local shops selling them so we could try more,until we can afford to subscribe to Candy Japan at least!

Why not go and check them out and give Candy Japan a go yourself?

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