Monday, 27 April 2015

Kissy The One Eyed Friendly Tall Clay Blue Monster-As part of Tell A story Day

April 27th Is Tell A Story Day and we and a group of fellow bloggers  have been set the challenge by Room to grow to create a kids story using a character,setting and object that has been chosen for us by another Blogger.

I was brought up with a room and bed jammed full of books I remember getting into bed with at least 10 books and a torch and when it was time for lights out I would dive under my duvet torch on book in hand and travel into some fun,exotic far away place where i had no worries besides finishing just one more chapter before zonking out with the book still open,normally on my face.I was really excited to take part in this challenge as I have from day one insisted on getting our kids into books and I am happy to say they are mini bookworms in the making!

Our themes were giving to us by Lisa and her son over at New Mum Online and they were:

  • Character: A One Eyed Friendly Tall Clay Blue Monster
  • Setting: A stunt park
  • Object: A scooter

Now I had the choice of how I wanted to go about this challenge however my 5 year old daughter Alisha insisted I write exactly what she tells me to her exact words were
"Your story's are wayyy too long and boring mummy,I'm the best at kids stories cos I'm only 5 and I know what my friends will like"
That was me told so here is Alisha's story very short,sweet,to the point and straight from the mouth of a 5 year old...enjoy!

Kissy The One Eyed Friendly Tall Clay Blue Monster

once upon  time there was a One Eyed Friendly Tall Clay Blue Monster called kissy,one day his friend cheaty called him to go to the park,he said "yes please" and off he scooted. Once there he did lots of tricks on his new scooter,his friend was jealous of his scooter and while kissy was doing a big stunt he jumped in front of kissy and scared him before pushing him over! kissy cried and cried he told cheaty "your not my friend anymore i hate you!" before scooting off home. this made cheaty sad and he felt bad for being mean to he decided to use his small bit of pocket money to buy kissy a lollypop to make him happy again,he knocked on kissy's door when kissy opened it he saw the biggest and brightest pink lolly pop he had ever seen in his whole life!!

"I'm sorry" cheaty said before giving him a big hug and passing him the lollypop,"that's ok"said kissy "your my friend again because i love you!",see you at school tomorrow said cheaty before waving and happily skipping away feeling pleased with himself. kissy looked at his lolly pop licked his lips and took a massive monster bite! while thinking of what a great day he has had with a big smile on his friendly blue face

And everyone was happy and lived for ever and ever,The End.


  1. This is so cute! I want to upload the story that Noah and I made up last week! still makes me giggle :) xx

    1. you should hun I would love to read it!!

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