Thursday, 2 April 2015

Lootmonster Review

Lootmonster Review

The geeky mystery box based in the UK,Lootmonster only pack so many boxes each month so they literally are on a first come first served basis, each box contains on average 7-10 geeky items including a geeky T.shirt in your size.
I have been very lucky to get my hands on a Lootmonster Box for review to show all you awesome guys who they are and what they do.

Don't forget to check out my unboxing video on Youtube.

I just missed out last month so was promised as stated some extra goodies this month, now normally you get around 7-10 items,I received 16 items in my box,so needless to say they kept to their word,I will be able to tell you the difference in items when i see more unboxing video's but i know from past boxes that more that 10 items have been received before now.

What I received:

  • A Hitgirl T.shirt in my size
  • A Sonic The Hedgehog figure
  • An Assassin's Creed Pop Vinyl Figure
  • 2 Starcraft stickers
  • Some Signalex earphones
  • A original Spider-Man DVD
  • A Tranformers Revenge Of The Fallen DVD
  • 2 packs of Gum Powder bubblegum
  • A bottle of iron man bubbles
  • Mega Brains sour drink drops
  • a little mini basketball shoot some hoops game
  • Blok Tech Dinosaur Island mini figures
  • SuperGirl Comic
  • Voltron Comic

That's a whopping 16 items valued at approximately £60.00+ .I love the T.shirt and pop and hell Sonic too, I love it all but they are certainly my main ones,tomorrow we are going to have a family DVD day for sure I still cant get over how amazing this box is! if you haven't tried Lootmonster out before then I highly suggest that you do.

You can choose from:
  • Comicmonster(1,2 or 3 month subscription) priced at £14.99,£28.99 or £39.99
  • Lootmonster(1,2 or 3 month subscription) priced at £25.99,£48.99 or £69.99
  • Popmonster(1,2 or 3 month subscription) priced at £15.99,£29.99 or £43.99
With Comicmonster you get 15 superhero comics and a T.shirt in your size every month.

With Popmonster you get A surprise pop figure and a T.shirt in your size every month.

Final Thoughts:

  • Awesome official geeky products(no nasty cheap crap)
  • friendly staff(the guys that run the show!)
The prices are higher than some competing subscription boxes however from what i have previously seen not to mention my own box if they keep up with the awesome quality then Lootmonster is without a doubt worth the extra few pounds.

Thank you Lootmonster for this amazing opportunity. 


  1. Wow, my husband will love to know about this!!!

  2. This sounds like such fun subscription box if this is your thing. It looks like you get a lot for your money too.


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