Thursday, 2 April 2015

Scoff Club Review

Scoff Club 

Scoff Club the monthly box that picks out only the tastiest of sweets,boxes and then posts them directly to you. you can choose from 3 packages depending on the weight you want:

  1. 500g at £9.99
  2. 750g at £11.99
  3. 1kg at £13.99 
All weights are approximate.and when you sign up you are asked some questions about the kind of sweets you prefer which in turn hopefully means you will only get ones you love! Not only that you can always change the things you prefer if you fancy something different or just more of a certain type of sweet such as more of the boiled variety.

As a parent with 5 kids our children were super excited to see what was in the box as you can probably tell from my YouTube unboxing video.

We have cut lots of sugary things out of their diets so when they do get anything sweetie it really is a treat for them. I was happy to see lots of old favorites, and our kids loved generally getting to munch some  sweets their favorites being the lolly's and eggs.The little bags are a fantastic touch i remember going into our old local sweet shop on the way to school where the boiled sweets ect where is jars in the shop window and they would be weighed out into bags exactly like these me and my friends would make it a once a week trip to buy some and sneakily eat them in class!

My kids have well and truly tucked into the sweets to the point i had to hide the remainder so they didn't go to bed on a sugar rush!

We will certainly recommend Scoff Club, especially if like us you love sweets!!

  • Great value for money
  • wide variety of good old fashion retro sweets
  • so many yummy choices
  • all proper brands/no cheap rubbish!
  • try them out now!

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