Thursday, 18 September 2014

Transforming greetings cards into gift tags

OK now not many of you know but one of the things i love to do is recycle and turn birthday/Xmas/greetings cards into gift tags it is something i have loved doing since i was 13 after having to do it for a homework assignment where we showed a way to combine helping the environment along with saving money,its not something i had ever thought about until that moment. ever since i have been hooked,why spend loads on gift tags when you can just reuse what you already have? some may think its makes you cheap however i don't care,i enjoy doing it and at the end of the day who wouldn't say no to extra pennies in their pocket?

Its so easy to do all you need is:

  1. greeting/birthday/Xmas cards
  2. an assortment of ribbons
  3. a stapler or a hole punch

Next you need to sort through your card haul to dig out the cards you can use,make sure they are a assortment of sizes however bear in mind if too small you wont be able to write anything on it.carefully cut around the areas you want to use discard the rest,once done put aside until you have finished them all,next i normally use a hole punch however i cant find mine so instead i jumped to cutting up equal lengths of ribbon then placing it in the area i want it in on the back of the tag and using the staple attach it. and voila you now have a cheap as chips gift tag ready to use,do this with all your tags and then stash away until needed.(if you use a hole punch simply tie the ribbon after pulling through hole(even easier)

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