Thursday, 25 September 2014

Meat Lust Flava-It

We was lucky enough to get a free sample of Flava-It from Meat Lust in the post we have never had it before so was interested to see if we would like it.

Meat Lust

That amazing moment when a seriously succulent and joyously tender mouthful of meat hits your taste buds. That's what Flava-It marinades do.and they do it good,fantastic with all kinds of meat whether it be,chicken,beef,pork or lamb. why not Unleash your meat lust with the great taste of Flava-It today!

That's exactly what we did we i cover it over pieces of skinless/boneless chicken and served it up with potatoes and mixed vegetables. even before it was cooked my mouth was watering while waiting the 10 minutes for the chicken to rest in the marinade(it smelt like paprika! mmmm) after 10 minutes pop in the oven and cook like normal,and oh my god does it taste good! i really hope meat lust introduce some easy to follow recipes that i could try out,also i'm gutted that Morrison is my nearest stockist as it's too far afield when you don't drive so it may be a while before i can eat it again...all i can say is it will be worth the wait!

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