Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How you were born review

How you were born review

Recently i was given the chance to review the How you were born book,a very clear yet gentle book offering a child suitable way to describe to young and curious children how babies are born.

Now as parents we all know that childbirth is no way as clear sailing as the book shows however bearing in mind the young readers it is aimed at i find it wholly suitable giving them all the required facts without all the unnecessary gore and what if's that can and do on occasion occur.

I have never broached the birds and the bees talk with any of my children even my 13 and 15 year old i never felt the need nor did i know how to approach this subject upon reading this book my 7 year old's first reaction was "oh,so you don't just gems a tummy ache then spin around and appear with a baby in your arms!.....i think i play too much sims!!)

I love how bright the pictures in this book are,very captivating to a young or older child's eye.

We love this book and highly recommend,great for young inquisitive minds.my children love to regurly read it i have even caught my teenagers having a read although when caught their reply was "why would we read it we learnt everything at sex education at school!" guess i don't need to worry about that talk after all.

It is the last of a 4 book series which include your daddy and me,when you were in my tummy and you me and the breast.

The book is priced at £6.99,to buy this book or any in the series direct from the publisher with a £2.00 off per book and free postage and packing enter HYWBBLOG200 at www.pinterandmartin.com

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