Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Products i have loved and hated.

Hello there and welcome myself and my lovely friends/fellow bloggers Viccy from Jelly Rose Yate and Jess from Owl Crazy Mummy to bring to you our lists of what we have loved and hated in regards to baby/toddler/child/family/home products.

First up 3 items i hated

1. nappy disposal unit, with a coupon from bounty i managed to get one from Argos for £10.00 normally £45.00 at the time,there was such a hype about these that it had to be worth a shot considering the cheap price right? wrong! they were small i had to empty them at least twice a day especially as i had 2 in nappies at this time,also the clip didn't work properly so our kitchen would start to really smell,needless to say we only used it a few weeks.

2. Cinema food!! okay we love it its yummy and great as a rare treat but to be honest i would rather get a meal after the cinema or pop to Asda for some snacks instead of buying at the cinema of it being so pricey! the last time i took my youngest to the cinema for their birthday treat, it happened that we went on a Wednesday when the tickets were much cheaper so cost around £15.00 for 3 people..not bad but then with food and drink on top it came to over £40!! never since have i been remotely tempted to buy food on the rare occasion we may get a drink to share but that's where it stops...total waste of money for something you can grab afterwards at a fraction of the price.

3. Baby baths,i have recently got a flexi bath for my kids that i love but prior to this i consider baby baths a total waste of money,a young baby can easily be washed in the sink or in a washing up bowl or to get closeness can share a bath with its parents or siblings, why bother with a extra unnecessary expense?

Next 3 items i love

1. My flexibath suitable for 0-4 years of age its roomy and it folds so great for storing away,i even use it on my 7 year old(when all he needs is a quick wash down rather than a full bath as uses much less water)

2. Cheeky wipes-i first tried these when i started using cloth nappies,many uses can get a box to wash and store in,can use for bums instead of wipes or just for on the go for sticky hands ect like i do.

3. playpen, i know alot hate these and i dont use them 24-7 to put my kids in as i feel they should roam be free and have fun however these are a godsend when doing housework or cooking as you can not only get it done fast without a little one under your feet but also its safer for them too.

This is my list what do you love and hate? Also dont forget to check Viccy and Jess's blog's to see what they think...links up the top of post.

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