Monday, 14 November 2011

wow review

                 The wonderful world of WOW.

All wow toys are independently tested to exceed current European EN-71,parts 1,2,3&9 and american astm safety standards,plus Cadmium Content,Phthalates and PAH.

They are made to be Durable& safe with no small parts or pvc.

Their toys also don't need any Batteries!!
Suitable for ages 1 1/2-5 years

The wonderful people over at WOW have very kindly sent me 2 of their WOW toys for my kids to review and put through their paces.
We received the Mario's pizzeria.
contents included are:

  1. 2 removable figures (mario the cook and marco)
  2. pizza delivery trike and 3 removable pizzas
  3. magic oven with push to bake button.
And Poppy's pony adventure
contents included are:
  1. friction powered car with realistic engine sound
  2. detachable horsebox
  3. rider and pony
  4. hay bale and jump

Here is what my kids thought:

As soon as my 2 year old daughter saw this massive parcel get delivered she was really excited and couldnt wait to get inside the packaging to see what it contained,once i had removed the toys she started cheering and dancing around especially when i told her that her toy was the 1 with the pink car :)

She was very impatient waiting for me to get the toy out of the box,i have always hated the wire ties that hold the toys in the box as they are soo fiddly.
As soon as i had removed all the pieces she ran to the frontroom and got on the sofa ready to play and i must say its the longest she has ever sat still for anything well over an hour,pushing the car,getting polly to ride her pony and jump over the hay bales and jump then on top of the car before going around again and again.

I got my 4 year old sons all out ready for him to start to play as soon as he got home and like my daughter he was really excited to see it he is obsessed with cars,boats ect any vechicle to be honest so he clearly was overjoyed with this toy.he too spent a long time playing with it spinning and clicking the cook around to choose the pizza topping and popping the pizza in the oven to cook before getting marco to collect it then take it to alisha's poppy for her to enjoy then he drove him around on his bike while alisha chased him with her pony :)

My overall views on the WOW toys:

  1. fantastic quality items,very strong and study(my son especially needs this being autistic as he can be very heavy handed with his toys).
  2. no small fiddly bits so easier for little fingers :)
  3. great value for money(i have looked into ordering more from tesco some selected ones are half rice at the moment too)   
if you ever buy any toy for your little one for xmas make sure a WOW toy is on the list :)

To visit the WOW website just click HERE

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